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1 RE: Future Teacher 31/05/2017   Course Adviser Hi future teacher! First of all, congratulations on your soon-to-be career in teaching. It's one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers out there, as I'm sure you know, so we wish you ...
1 Future Teacher 14/05/2017   Anacil Can I ask about, what would be the best motivation for the students? How can cater my discussion and activities for my students? I am asking these because I am a future teacher.
3 RE: RE: RE: apprenticeship tax ? 06/04/2017   Course Adviser Hi John, Apprenticeships have traditionally been associated with labour-intensive trade industries, such as building or plumbing - however this is exactly what the apprenticeship reform is ai...
3 RE: RE: apprenticeship tax ? 06/04/2017   John Withers I just don't see how this is going to benefit industries other than construction, etc. It's just another excuse to get more tax out of the bigger companies..
1 RE: Help - how do i get my money back from eDistance Learning? 16/03/2017   Amanda I had been trying to contact eDistance Learning via email, skype and instant message to no avail as they took £181.25 out of my bank account for an Admin course but I didn't receive any confir...
1 Help - how do i get my money back from eDistance Learning? 14/03/2017   Jan Hi just wondering if anyone else has signed up for an online course with eDistance Learning and cannot get their money back after never hearing from them?
3 RE: apprenticeship tax ? 10/03/2017   Course Adviser Hi George, Thanks for your query. You're not alone in feeling confused about the ins and outs of the new apprenticeship levy! In fact, many of our users have been contacting us with similar ...
3 apprenticeship tax ? 10/03/2017   George R. I'm confused about the new apprenticeship tax, do I have to start paying for more training for my apprentices?
3 RE: Blade and scissor sharpening courses 04/02/2017   Sheila How much does it cost to train and where are you?
0 Dithering about becoming a teacher 28/01/2017   Flumptious I think I want to go into teacher training. But I am a bit unusual. I am currently a university lecturer, and I enjoy that, but they have just announced that my department is going to be shut ...