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1 Employing an apprentice - confusing?? 15/03/2018   Debbie As a small business we don't even know where to start with an apprentice... also, not sure if we are entitled to the levy people are talking about. Thanks for the help
1 RE: Employing an apprentice - confusing?? 15/03/2018   Course Adviser Hi Debbie, Thanks for getting in touch - you're definitely not alone in finding the process confusing.  Despite all the seeming complexity, it's actually quite straightforward employing an a...
1 RE: How many apprenticeship standards are there? 15/03/2018   Course Adviser Hi Jon, Thanks for getting in touch!  There are currently 244 apprenticeship standards approved for delivery, but more are being added all the time. As you may know, standards are replacing ...
1 How many apprenticeship standards are there? 23/02/2018   Jon Hi there, just wondering how many actual approved apprenticeship standards there are? I've heard that new ones are being released all the time, is there any where where one can see them all?
3 RE: RE: Using the levy for existing staff 28/11/2017   Course Adviser Hi Rebecca, I'm so glad the answer helped! I've been looking into your question and here's what I've found: In the doc "Employing an Apprentice", it states: "Apprentices have the sam...
8 RE: Blade and scissor sharpening courses 25/11/2017   DaveHall Hi, can you tell me if this offer of learning to sharpen tools is still available please, and any additional information would be gratefully received. Kind regards Dave
3 RE: Using the levy for existing staff 09/11/2017   Rebecca Your answer to Harriet's question was exactly the information I have been looking for, so thanks! Unfortunately the company I work for doesn't have any requirement to hire new apprentices cur...
1 RE: how many apprentices (apprenticees?/apprentici?) 20/10/2017   Course Adviser Hi Stephen, Thanks for your enquiry! As long as your company is following the levy funding rules and guidelines for taking on an apprentice then you can invest levy funding on as many appren...
1 RE: Does the levy apply to me? 20/10/2017   Course Adviser Hi there Poppy, Thank you for your question! Whether you're an employer or an individual looking to be an apprentice, the levy can definitely benefit you in Wales - and across the whole of th...
1 how many apprentices (apprenticees?/apprentici?) 19/10/2017   Stephen Hi there! I was wondering what the limit of people is with the apprenticeship levy? Could I hire an unlimited number or will I only be able to hire one? Or could you hire multiple apprentici a...
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