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Career guidance

Careers span many different sectors and industries that are very different from one another, but good career advice can often apply across most (if not all) of them.

This forum thread is dedicated to this kind of generic career guidance, ranging from tips about writing your CV to changing jobs and, of course, the training & skills that are most sought after by employers.

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3 What training courses will boost my salary? 21/10/2015   Mathias I'm currently a personal assistant. What kind of courses would help me get a better salary
1 SIF 30208 course 21/01/2015   teresa I am interested in doing a SIF 30208 course.
1 Career change courses 12/12/2014   olga.antoniceva I am looking for career change and need a qualification to help me to find work. I am from hospitality background but am intersted in finance and office administration and my career test prove...
0 Course with certificate 12/12/2014   Francisco I'm looking for certificate course?
1 Course as weekend course 21/11/2014   tonypam1 Is there anyway the 3 week portfolio completion can be done at weekends as my partner works full time?
1 Great Heights Training - Contact Info? 15/07/2014   Veekram Hi does anyone know of a way to contact Great Heights Training? They have totally closed down it seems. I already paid Great Heights Training £985.00 and have completed unit 1 and 2 and was a...
2 NVQ Placements in the UK 27/05/2014   Greg We are looking for institutes in the UK which offer NVQ placements to overseas students, we are after 1 year placements for NVQ's in which students receive an allowance whilst on the placement...
1 Where do i find a course calendar? 02/12/2013   M.Mustafa I need 2014 scheduled course dates - where do I find all available courses?
1 Requirements for learning online 08/10/2012   User Please, i want to start learning-online. What are the criteria to be fulfill before one can start.
0 When do masters programs start? 17/08/2012   Xuan Excuse me when is the new semester for Master's registration? 0804529052
1 A-levels from Abroad 22/11/2011   swrixen I have been abroad for the past 6 years (and out of the British Education System). I would like as a safety net to set A-Levels in French, Italian and Dance. How do I go about it? I am a...
0 Library courses 21/11/2011   Randa Evidence based library courses?
0 accredited naturopathic distance learning course 05/10/2011   sdutoit I want to study a accredited naturopathic distance learning course. As I live in SOUTH AFRICA how do I obtain information?
0 Guitar course 26/09/2011   Tina guitar for beginners course
0 Electrical / Taxi Meter Courses 11/08/2011   Aamir Mushtaq Hello, I need information about electrical courses, i want to start taxi meter fiting and chiping and everything that involves in Taxi meters and radios, so guide me a course in which i can s...
1 Help finding a course 09/08/2011   Pamela Yes I need help in finding the right course.
0 dog grooming courses 02/08/2011   f.wilson Where do i find dog grooming courses?
0 Psychology awards 22/07/2011   reception why is the child psychology qualifications an award & a diploma but the advance psychology is just an award?
0 Course for ex-soldier 13/07/2011   an123drew I am an ex-soldier and would like a course that suits my army experience
0 Courses in Germany 21/06/2011   mikwell97 hi im from ireland and am thinking of going to take courses in germany for 2012
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