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Engineering, Energy and Oil & Gas

Picture of glowing fibre optics wiresVaried, technical and crucial to our everyday lives, the Engineering and Energy industries are in constant evolution and require a steady flow of technically skilled professionals to keep them going. In particular, the Oil & Gas industry is plagued by chronic skills shortages that risk jeopardising its capacity for innovation, as well as its contribution to economic growth.

This thread is dedicated to training questions emerging from these distinct but inter-related fields. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional in the field, this is where all of your engineering and energy-related questions belong.

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Responses Threads
1 Wind turbines training for career development 04/12/2014   coxscfc hello am looking to start training to work on wind turbines cud u point me in right directions
1 offshore and onshore drilling 25/09/2014   damaschacha interested in offshore and onshore drilling technologies courses
1 Where to find Process Plant optimization courses 10/09/2014   opr_secretary Hi we are looking for courses that consider Process Plant optimization - do you have any to recommend
2 How to become an Oil Trader? 23/07/2014   Ardit I a looking to learn skills as an oil trader. Actually I am working in a petrol station company in the trading department and I want to learn how to be a professional oil trader. The aim would...
1 What is the best diploma in geoscience? 03/07/2014   sabubakarrs Looking for a diploma in geoscience - does anyone know of one they would recommend?
1 What oil and gas safety courses are there? 03/07/2014   leigh i am working as a community safety office but interested in oil and gas safety courses. but am all the way in sierra leone.
1 airline courses 02/07/2014   paola Airline and air/travel agency courses - best and recognized providers?
1 API Centres in Europe 30/06/2014   panapakidis Hello I am looking for api 510/570/653 training centers in europe - does anyone know any?
25 Where can i find coffee machine repair courses? 27/05/2014   Dinois Do you know where i can find coffee machine repair courses in london?
1 How to get a job as a Drilling Engineer? 22/05/2014   abeng I hold an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering. I have taken courses in petroleum production and foundational drilling. My project was on flow assurance in oil field development. Now I am very ...
1 Are there any drilling courses in South Africa? 15/05/2014   B.Ikapi I want to know the amount of Drilling course here in South Africa , and if I can do that type of course here in Cape Town South Africa? Are there any such courses taking place? B.Ikapi
1 Diesel operation and maintenance of power plant training 16/01/2014   sos Diesel operation and maintenance of power plant training .- where can i find it?
1 Where can i find a oil & gas university? 02/12/2013   ngoungarandy can i find a university in which i could find oil and gas programs?
1 2 week Oil & Gas course 22/08/2013   A B Elsaadi Dear Sir Madam, I'm interesting in two weeks training course to in UK to develop an Oil & Gas laboratory unit supervisor. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you. A B Elsaadi Sirte...
1 How to get a qualification to work in Oil & Gas 22/08/2013   howard i am an auto mechanic with 28yrs exp and wish to get a qualification to get a job in the oil and gas industry. Whitch course would you recommend?
1 Which are the best office admin courses? 22/08/2013   rachel Which are the best office administration training programs?
1 Are there any training courses for oil & gas industry in India? 08/08/2013   sspowerspike2 Do you know if there are any training courses for oil & gas industry in mumbai, india.
1 oil and gas processing courses 08/08/2013   muhsen I am a chemical engineer work as a process instructor in the field of oil and gas processing. could you please let me know if there is any courses related to my job or oil industries in genera...
0 Top process engineering courses 08/08/2013   nyawah Can you show me process engineering courses?
0 Wind turbines training for career development 08/08/2013   coxscfc hello am looking to start training to work on wind turbines cud u point me in right directions
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