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What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean? - Forum

14/08/2012 09:01   Brian

Just a brief question: Could you please tell me exactly what the FSA qualification CF30 means? Can he/she give independent financial advice, and if so, are they limited in any way? I get the impression that a CF30 is akin to a Customer Service Advisor in a call centre - but I could be wrong.

Many thanks Brian

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
15/08/2012 14:48 Advisor

Hi Brian,

The best and most accurate information will probably come from contacting these providers of FSA training courses . (Filling in the Information Request form is the quickest way!). They'll be able to give you expert advice on the different qualifications availble and what they enable you to do.

Other options that cover FSA recognised activites can be found here: FSA Courses

We've also posted this question on our facebook page as we think many of our other users will be interested, and may even be able to offer their own advice!

Thanks for posting this great question.

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
07/02/2013 16:25   Paul
Hi Brian, CF30 covers a number of different FSA recognised activities, there is no CF30 qualification as such.

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
10/04/2013 09:54   Rodger

Hi Brian,

An update to the previous posts, there is a course that might help you:

Have you seen that one?

Good luck, Rodger

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
16/07/2013 14:03

Hi all,

Starting April 2013, the Financial Conduct Authority is the supervisory body of financial services in the UK, so the previously known 'FSA CF30' is now one of the controlled functions of the FCA. CF30 is the customer-dealing function that regulates how advisory services are provided by financial firms to their customers.

You can browse through the list of training providers that offer financial compliance courses and find out which responsibilities of the FSA are now undertaken by the FCA.

Good Luck!

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
23/05/2014 14:32   Tom

Hi i was just looking for advice regarding my responsibilities as a CF30

i have recently been registered as a CF30 and i want to make sure i can protect myself within my firm from wrongdoing and to what degree i am responsible. What training is necessary, or would help me?


RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
25/06/2014 17:17   Josh

actually wanted to ask if there are any other exams or qualifications for compliance officers. I passed the CII R01 & R02 exams as a financial advisor, but want to move towards Compliance for a payments company. Not sure if my current qualification is enough for a compliance role. do you know if i need to pass any other FCA exams for that?

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
31/07/2014 14:43   Jem

could u please tell me the exact name of the regulations exam and derivatives exam, i believe its unit 1 and unit 3:

Unit 1 FSA Financial Regulation
Unit 3 FSA Financial Derivatievs

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
04/09/2014 17:00   Course Adviser

Hi all,

we recently published a new article that we hope gives a clear overview of how becoming qualified to perform "controlled functions" (including CF30, which is a customer-facing advisory function) works.

You can read it here.

Josh, with regards to your question about compliance - you need to refer to the FCA's handbook to find out what qualifications are accepted for the type of role you would like to have.

Jem, I am not sure which qualification/exams you are referring to. The fact that the exams have "FSA" in the title (which was the name of the FCA's predecessor) makes me suspect that this may be an old qualification under the previous framework. I would refer you to the article above for more information.

If you have any more questions, please post away!

The Team

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
21/10/2015 15:57   Jack C
The CF30 requirements will state that any market participants offering financial advice or guidance will have to have a minimum level 4 qualification.

I am happy to help anyone who might be affected by this regulation change as I work with BPP a national provider of these qualifications in the UK.

Please drop me a line if you are interested to hear more.

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
21/10/2015 15:59   Jack C
You can do an Investment Advice Diploma (level 4) which is a CISI qualification.

I work for a national provider of these qualifications - BPP and I would be happy to talk you through your options if necessary.

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
05/04/2016 14:56   w.monk
If I take a sabbatical from my company, will my CF30 status expire? If I decide to move to anew company does the CF30 stay with me? How does that work?

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
05/04/2016 15:00   The Findcourses Team
I’ve just called the FCA to get answers to your questions.

According to our chat, I’ve gathered that:

If you take a sabbatical from your company and then return to the same company, your CF30 qualification will not expire unless your company files a form with the FCA to terminate your CF30 status.

If you move to a new company, your CF30 will no longer be relevant because of possible changes in your role. Your new company will need to check the FCA handbook to see if you have the right expertise to have a CF30 in their company. If you have any gaps, you’ll need to take the appropriate courses to fill them. Either way, your new company will need to register you as your previous company no longer has the authority to call you a CF30.

If you have any additional questions, you can call us at 0203 318 6280.

When does the CF30 qualification expire after inactivity?
16/06/2016 14:30   BH
When does one have to rewrite the exam if their CF30 has been inactive? Is it after one year or two?

RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
30/06/2016 13:05   Jack

I have recently started a new job with my employer saying I will have gain CF30 status, I have however completed my IMC & IAD Level 4 qualifications.

Should these contribute towards me gaining CF30 status? Or will I have to do more exams?


RE: What does the FSA qualification CF30 mean?
10/10/2016 20:47   Sam

Wants to know the direct industry accepted equivalent qualifications for CF30 qualification
Because a firm is requesting for CF 30 qualification for a Financial adviser's job and I have an MBA in investment and finance , wants to know if this can be accepted as CF30 qualifications

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