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General Questions

Picture of a question markHave questions about the training industry in general? Wondering what rights you have to take training as an employee? Confused about the different types of training that exist?

These questions all belong in the thread below, alongside any queries you may have about how works and how we can help you find the right professional development course for your needs.

You can also email us directly or fill out a training quote request to have  training suggestions and advice sent directly to your inbox.

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Responses Threads
1 Help - how do i get my money back from eDistance Learning? 14/03/2017   Jan Hi just wondering if anyone else has signed up for an online course with eDistance Learning and cannot get their money back after never hearing from them?
2 Do I need a special visa for a course in the UK? 14/07/2015   Achebe I'm thinkg about going to the UK to get some education. Do I need a student visa for a week long course? Many thanks
1 Pet grooming certification needed in the U.K. 03/06/2015   Charlie I have a grooming kit at home and I do my friends' dogs (and my own). If I want to start doing this as a proper job, do I need a special certification or can I just demonstrate my skills and g...
5 In-house training pros and cons? 20/05/2015   Mark I'm deciding whether to send my staff to a training or having someone come in and do it in-house. Anyone have insights on the pros and cons of in-house vs. open courses? Thanks, Mark
1 Findcourses 03/03/2015   Stephanie Hi there, Just wondering - does your website (findcourses) run all of the training programs? Stephanie
1 How many hour of CPD accredited training should i have? 17/02/2015   Janet I need to know the average number of CPD hours that an employee should have? I want to make sure i get the maximum number of hours so that it looks professional on my CV and helps me stand out...
2 Distance learning? 17/02/2015   Richard hi there, what does the distance learning option mean? -Richard
5 Public speaking 16/02/2015   Sarah Hi I was wondering which classes are recommended for improving public speaking?? Sarah
1 GBP 21/11/2014   riz What is meant by GBP?
1 Advertising 30/10/2014   Keisha How do you advertise your training?
3 Are online courses certified? 13/10/2014   confused42 so everything is online nowadays but what I wonder is: are these courses actually certified? who recognises them?
1 free training quote? 09/10/2014   amana walter What do you mean by free training quote?
1 Pre-retirement training? 25/09/2014   Newvelent Miri Do you offer any pre-retirement training?
1 How do findcourses relate to training providers? 27/08/2014   Nitra how do findcourses relate with the course providers on the site?
1 Residential course? 21/08/2014   Paolo I'm wondering about the term 'residential' and what exactly it means? I have seen it and heard it spoken about, and I thought it meant attending the course at the premises of the institution, ...
1 What training providers have a branch in Qatar? 03/07/2014   takangelvis What providers are there that have a training branch in qatar?
1 Funding 12/03/2014   Jane Hi, do you offer any funding to do the courses? I found one I am interested in from Oxford College.
1 Who provides onsite training? 22/08/2013   greenpastures Do you provide on-site training? Can you tell me who does?

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