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Language Courses

Discuss training and courses related to Languages. Here you can discuss different training providers, ask questions regarding courses within the subject and get valuable input that may help you choose the right course. is the largest independent directory of training courses in the UK and in this thread you can discuss anything within the subject of Language training courses such as Business English / English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Russian / Arabic etc with other professionals and trainers, and course providers.

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4 What are some language tips you've picked up at courses 27/10/2015   Charlotte I'm trying to learn a language in my spare time. Has anyone here ever had a really good language instructor that gave tips that helped you? Thanks! Charlotte
0 how to choose the right toefl course 08/10/2015   Ashley G. Hi - I would like to teach abroad in S. Korea next year and to work at a public school I need a TOEFL. I would like to teach in several more countries over the years using my TOEFL. What kind ...
1 How to package language training into a finance course 03/06/2015   Ahmet The bank where I work in Turkey is coming to London to get some training. However, some of our employees should also receive some English language training while we are here. Do any financial ...
1 Business English courses in London 21/11/2014   vivasport Hello , I am looking for a training about business English in London of less than two weeks, is it possible?
1 English qualification courses to study from home 20/11/2014   anna_banana_slocombe I got a D for my English GCSE and would like to redo it or get a similar qualification that employers are interested in. Is there anything you can suggest where i can study from home?
1 Russian Summer courses in Portsmouth 26/07/2012   Tesa Hi there, I'm interested in taking some one-to-one Russian courses over the summer in Portsmouth and wondered if there was anything available from next week for 3 weeks? Thanks, Tesa
0 Interpreting course in enlgish - arabic 27/01/2012   djibdialloh looking for interpreting course english and arabic
0 Corporate Training about working with Japan 09/11/2011   smaranika_mukherjee Corporate training on Japanese work culture & management principles
0 Portugese A level Online Course 24/10/2011   mpdesign01 Hi there I'm currently trying to discover a Portuguese A level Fast track course online. If you know of anything please let me know. Thanks you very much. Regards Mike Pape
1 English language courses 26/09/2011   laouar i would like to find out about an english language training course, because i have the upper intermediate level degree from london and would like to move to the advanced. I'm looking for finan...
0 course providers in Spain 23/03/2011   Sally Hi there Are you able to help find course providers in Spain? If so, please do get in touch with me. Kind regards Sally
0 English / Arabic courses 03/01/2011   eayemen i am looking for an interpretation course English arabic, arabic English in Manchester, i well be greatfull if could help me with that regards Entesar
1 Professional English for Law 10/10/2009   Patrick Okenghe I finished college in Brussels (Belgium) and I came abroad to improve my English. For the academic year 2010-2011 I will start university studying law but to do so I first want to improve m...
2 Business language 12/05/2009   Business language Hello, I'm looking for courses to study language in a business context, I work for a company with HQ based in the UK but our salesteam sells to most of Western Europe so we would need a lan...
3 improving english 07/05/2009   Luigi Hello, I would like some information on English courses for me and my team. I am based in London and one of my teams is based in Genoa, Italy. We can communicate in Italian together, but I ...
1 Languages training courses 02/03/2009   Carl In need an effective solution for learning a new language through home studies. Happy for all the advices I can get!

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