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Presentation Skills

Discuss training and courses related to Presentation Skills. Here you can discuss different training providers, ask questions regarding courses within the subject and get valuable input that may help you choose the right course. is the largest independent directory of training courses in the UK and in this thread you can discuss anything within the subject of Presentation Skills with other professionals and trainers, and course providers.

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2 Public speaking course for librarians? 08/10/2015   Joyce Our librarians are expected to do an increasing amount of community programs. I would like to send them on an affordable public speaking training. Any ideas for courses that would be most appr...
1 Writing and Speaking Effectively courses 24/10/2014   abbasrh I am seeking a course that would help me write effectively for higher management, whether as documents or speeches.
2 Speaking to an audience training 30/11/2009   Elisabeth Jones Hi, I am looking to acquire some personalised training for a number of our execs in 'how to speak to an audience' skills, they are not common public speakers but must make a large internati...
1 Payment Assistance 12/05/2009   Kelly Burton In doing some research on my own, I have found that there is an opportunity for professionals in the UK to qualify for a reduction or grant when applying for education or development courses. ...
3 Public speaking courses 02/03/2009   Marleen I would like to see a list of training providers in London so that I can compare different training courses that contain public speaking. /Marleen

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