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At findcourses, we believe in life-long learning and want our blog section to be a place that:

  • Inspires someone to take a new class
  • Helps someone decide between qualifications
  • Gives information about how training can impact professional and personal development
  • Makes education accessible by removing the jargon
  • Provides insights and advice relating to learning and development
  • Showcases research and whitepapers relating to learning and development

If your content is not, in some way, related to learning or any of the above bullet points, there is a high chance your content is not right for our site.

If your guest post is about one (or more!) of the topics we've listed above, then please take a look at our blog guidelines before submitting your awesome idea.

Submission guidelines

We are looking for articles that: 

  • Give our users real case studies of people that have sought out professional (or personal) development training that has helped them in their career or in their life
  • Feature original research and statistics on the topics of training, learning and development, personal development
  • Feature original research and statistics on the topics of any of our course categories
  • Have an inspirational angle relating to one or more fields of learning

We do not want:

  • Listicles of commonly known information
  • Articles that are heavily focussed on marketing your own products
  • Badly written articles
  • Articles with no attributed author

We do not mind:

  • Articles that subtly promote your services naturally in the body of the content

Topics we will accept:

  • Learning
  • Development
  • Going back to school / college
  • Career advice
  • CV/interview advice
  • Mental health in relation to working and/or learning
  • Skills-related posts across a range of soft and hard skills
  • Posts on how to get into a certain career
  • Posts on remote working

Topics we will not accept:

  • Posts relating to gambling
  • Posts relating to CBD
  • Posts relating to personal finance or which constitute advice on personal finance matters
  • Posts that we do not feel are in the interest of our users

Article Guidelines

  • Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,200 words.
  • Articles should not feature more than 2 links unless it is a research piece, in which case sources should be listed at the bottom of the article with a link to the source. Links should be relevant to findcourses content. We recommend footnoting throughout so users can find the original research if they want to delve into these further. 
  • Articles should include an author biography (max 300 words) and an author image (circular photo, dimensions 350px by 350px)
  • You are welcome to submit up to 4 images with your article (940x560 px) and we recommend you submit at least 1. These images must be licence free from a service such as unsplash. We reserve the right to choose whether or not we use these images
  • If you are writing a piece about the merits of a particular course, we prioritise content with images you have taken yourself of your experience (e.g. you have attended a cooking class and have images of the class and what you made)

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