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Apprenticeship Funding Bands Explained


What are the Apprenticeship Funding Bands?

Both apprenticeship standards and frameworks come with an associated funding band. The funding band shows the maximum amount that the government will contribute towards that qualification for each apprentice trained.

What does “upper limit” mean in relation to the funding bands?

From the 1st August 2018 the apprenticeship funding bands include 30 bands, and the upper limit of the government’s contribution is capped as shown by the table below.

The upper limit shows the maximum amount that the government will agree to co-fund, along with the employer, in order to pay for the apprenticeship training. As this is a maximum amount, and not a minimum amount, the government has stipulated that they expect companies to negotiate the best possible rates for any apprenticeship training undertaken.

Is the upper limit the same as the cost of the apprenticeship?

The funding band upper limit is not the same thing as the price of the apprenticeship. Sometimes, the apprenticeship will cost more, and in these cases the company is expected to pay the difference. Companies are also able to try and negotiate a rate below the funding band.

How do I know how much funding my company can access?

The amount of government subsidy that an employer paying the levy will be able to access is linked to the value of an employer’s contributions, the proportion of employees working in England and a government top-up. Once employers have declared the levy to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) they will be able to access funding for apprenticeships through their account on the digital apprenticeship service.

The proportion your company is eligible to receive from the government will be available to view through the digital apprenticeship service. The calculation is run quarterly in July, October, January and April each year.

Funding Bands and Upper Limits

Find out which funding band your apprenticeship level is eligible for and then check the table below for the funding upper limit.

Funding Band  Upper Limit
1 £1,500
2 £2,000
3 £2,500
4 £3,000
5 £3,500
6 £4,000
7 £4,500
8 £5,000
9 £6,000
10 £7,000
11 £8,000
12 £9,000
13 £10,000
14 £11,000
15 £12,000
16 £13,000
17 £14,000
18 £15,000
19 £16,000
20 £17,000
21 £18,000
22 £19,000
23 £20,000
24 £21,000
25 £22,000
26 £23,000
27 £24,000
28 £25,000
29 £26,000
30 £27,000

Find the Right Apprenticeship Training Course and the Right Provider for Your Business

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Read our step by step guide on how to:

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Last updated: 18 Jul 2018

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