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Supporting Apprentices: Why Companies Should Do More


Find out what why companies need to do more to support the welfare of their apprentices.

Apprenticeships are a hot topic in the UK at the moment - especially in light of the 2020 drop-off and the skills gap predicted to be caused by Brexit.

However, what are companies doing to support the apprentices in their business? How are they making sure they have all the tools, and welfare benefits, they need to successfully complete their apprenticeship and become an engaged member of the company's workforce?

In our 2018 L&D Report, we looked at effective ways of utilising the apprenticeship levy - this year we focus on the risks to businesses who don't utilise the apprenticeship levy or don't support their apprentices.

Read an excerpt from the report below and register for a pre-release of the full article:

Sue Davidson, Apprenticeship Levy Project Manager for Sodexo, a global company that employs 35,000 staff in the UK and Ireland alone, says more needs to be done when it comes to supporting apprentices.

“Corporate companies need to do more when it comes to the wellbeing and quality of life piece for apprentices that are school leavers. One of the things that A-Levels, College or even University gives to young people is the ability to grow socially, as well as academically or vocationally. As an employer we have to make sure we put things in place to help young people grow their social network when they are no longer in schools.

Companies really have to develop a sense of what these young people need, and how that’s different to what a 24 or 25-year-old apprentice needs. And that’s a big challenge for any employer, but particularly for larger corporate companies who need to make themselves more accessible to younger employees. If you want to be successful as an employer of choice for school leavers, you have to recognise that you need to think about their quality of life as an employee. You have to consider what you can offer them in terms of well-rounded support by recognising that younger apprentices need support in different areas.”

A strong support network for your apprentice can allow the individual to grow and develop within the company and climb the ladder successfully.

Featuring interviews from apprenticeship leaders at Sodexo, Wessex Water, Funding Solutions 4 Business and excerpts from the John Lewis Partnership, finish reading this report to learn more about key findings such as:

  • Just half of the companies (53%) surveyed viewed apprenticeships as an important part of their L&D strategy for 2019, despite the UK's potential talent pipeline shortage and the ageing workforce
  • Sixty percent of UK companies using apprenticeship funds are confident of their talent pipeline. Only 15% of UK companies surveyed overall are very confident that their talent pipeline will serve their organisation's needs.
  • Seventy-two of market leaders are using L&D as a key part of their recruitment strategy.
  • Ninety percent of market leaders are using levy funds to train apprentices.

Sign up for a pre-release copy of the UK L&D Report 2019: Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy:

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Last updated: 27 Mar 2019

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