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ACCA diploma vs. Certificate: What you need to know

ACCA qualifications

Whether you’re already in the field or have dreams of breaking into it, accountants are constantly being faced with new information and challenges. The global economy, tax codes, and banking laws and regulations are in a constant flux. So, if you expect to be on top in the field of accounting, you have to keep up with all the current updates and trends.

Luckily, the ACCA is here to help professional accountants and newcomers to the field alike to achieve their career goals. As the world’s leading body of professional accountants with tested experience in the field, the ACCA is ready to help make your professional dreams come true.

But first, it’s important to have clear goals in mind so that you can pursue the professional development you have in mind and make the most of your time, energy, and money. There are several paths to success, but to begin the ACCA journey off right, it’s important to start with the right qualification at the right level.

Read more about the ACCA diploma and how it compares to the ACCA certificate to discover which is the right one for you.

ACCA diploma

ACCA diplomas

To start, you need to consider which previous experience and qualifications you maintain in order to determine at which level to apply.

The ACCA Qualification is the world leading qualification for accountancy and is ranked at the Masters level. Upon completion, the ACCA Qualification leads to ACCA membership. However, to start at this level, prospective students must demonstrate that they have completed two A Levels and three GCSEs in five different subjects including English and maths.

The ACCA Qualification can be completed within three years and provides students with the knowledge and practical skills to work with and lead organisations around the world.

If you don’t the abovementioned qualifications, however, then the Foundations in Accountancy qualifications are the perfect place to start. These qualifications are roughly equivalent to a degree program and teach students the foundations of accountancy to prepare them for future study at the ACCA Qualification level.

In both cases, upon completion, students can be granted an ACCA diploma, which signifies that students have met all requirements to be certified through ACCA to be an accountant.

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ACCA certificate

ACCA Certificate

Don’t have time for a full program or just want to gain more knowledge in a specific subject area? ACCA certificates are the perfect alternative. Not requiring the full-time commitment of an ACCA diploma, ACCA certificates showcase dedication and progress in the pursuit of professional development.

There are several ACCA certificate options available depending on the career path in which you are most interested. For example, students can earn a certificate in auditing, taxation, or financial management at the Foundations level. Or, at the Qualifications level, students can receive a certificate in achievement or professional strategy if they score highly on certain exams.

ACCA certificates are considered official documents and can be downloaded at any time, which is great for career professionals and job seekers alike who want to use the certificates they’ve earned to show employers that they are dedicated to their field and have their personal and professional development in mind.

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The Takeaway

No matter where you find yourself on the accountancy career path, consider studying with ACCA to guarantee a high-level education that will boost your CV and equip you with the necessary information to make a difference in the field.

With a focus on the technical skills and an ethical approach to accounting, students studying for a diploma or certificate with ACCA become a valued member within the field of accounting as well as the organisations they choose to work for. Additionally, the ACCA is committed to helping students reach their potential by providing the necessary guidance, resources, and support.

Check out the full list of ACCA courses, diplomas, and certificates today to get started on boosting your accounting career today!

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Last updated: 05 Oct 2018

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