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Free Online Coronavirus (COVID-19) Training Courses

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate headlines around the world, there is a massive spread of disinformation concerning the origins of the virus, how exactly it spreads, the syptoms you should be looking out for, and the best prevention methods to 'flatten the curve' of the virus' spread. 

COVID-19 is impacting businesses in a number of diverse ways.

From the introduction of remote work, dips in sales metrics, reorganization to account for increased sick days and more, organizations across sectors are scrambling to understand COVID-19, and ensure that they are well-prepared to weather the changes ahead. 

Well-established insitutions like the World Health Organization can help you stay updated on the global status of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Furthermore, the NHS has up-to-date information on the coronavirus in the UK.

Find courses from the WHO on the coronavirus (COVID-19)  

If you're a business owner, manager, or employee and concerned about how to handle the coronavirus in your workplace, visit the UK government's guidance for employees, employers and businesses to ensure you're taking the right steps to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your company. 

To help you through these difficult circumstances, has compiled a list of free training courses concerning COVID-19. Training and education has already emerged to help you:

  • Understand the origins of the virus and how it spreads;
  • Implement best practices for the safety of your employees;
  • Strategize to account for unforeseen changes in day-to-day developments in the pandemic; and  
  • Educate your employees with trustworthy information on the realities of the virus and what they can do to keep themselves healthy while keeping your business operational and successful. 

No matter your industry, understanding COVID-19 through training is a very good way to ensure that your company is prepared to face the pandemic head on, and keep your operations effective, impactful, and growing as you and your employees develop a system to ensure worker safety and organizational longevity. 

Training courses on COVID-19 may be offered as: 

  • Self-paced e-learning; 
  • One-time webinars;
  • Educational and informational videos; 
  • Online training for organizations to prepare for COVID-19.

Whether you're looking to keep your employees informed on the latest developments, searching for strategies to maintain cash-flow or concerned clients, or simply feel you need more knowledge on COVID-19 to continue making well-informed decisions, has compiled the resources you need to stay on top of COVID-19. 

Discover the free courses available to help you, your employees, and your business. 

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Last updated: 17 Mar 2020

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