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NEBOSH diplomas: International vs. National

NEBOSH Diplomas

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) provides interested participants in the field of health and safety the opportunity to take their career further through certifications and qualifications. With nearly 50,000 candidates a year participating in courses offered by over 600 providers based in 120 countries, NEBOSH meets health, safety, and environmental management needs internationally.

It’s no wonder that prospective students, alumni, and professionals in the field all regard NEBOSH with high esteem. The benefits it can have for individuals both personally and professionally goes without question. Whether it’s a promotion or a new career path you’re looking for, the best way to prove to recruiters and employers that you take your future seriously is by making your professional development a priority.

However, it can be intimidating to choose the right resources when there are so many out there, especially in today’s globalised world. Fortunately, NEBOSH provides several qualification options to support professional development plans, including their popular national and international diploma.

Is the NEBOSH diploma right for me?

If you work within the field of health and safety advising, a NEBOSH diploma may be right for you! As a globally recognised qualification, the NEBOSH diploma offers professional practitioners already in the field the chance to expand their knowledge base and increase their skills. Therefore, it is not recommended for individuals who are just starting out in the field or are looking to change careers, as it requires previous health and safety experience.

Which diploma am I eligible for?

NEBOSH Diplomas

NEBOSH National Diploma

If you’re living in the UK, you can pursue the UK’s first vocational qualification specifically developed for professionals in the health and safety field. The NEBOSH National Diploma has quickly gained success since its inception in 1988, with over 10,000 alumni having already earned the qualification.

The NEBOSH National Diploma builds upon the knowledge gained through the completion of the NEBOSH National General Certificate, providing students with the skills necessary to succeed in the field of safety and health. It’s also the perfect solution for students interested in progressing to postgraduate studies.

Employers also gain by hiring professionals with the NEBOSH National Diploma or supporting their current employees to pursue the qualification. A staff equipped with NEBOSH National Diplomas brings valuable skills and experience to the workplace. Not only does it mean a safer work environment, it guarantees the organisation’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees and everyone their organisation works with.

NEBOSH National Qualifications

NEBOSH Diplomas

NEBOSH International Diploma

Living outside the UK but still want to receive the globally recognised training and qualifications provided through NEBOSH? Fortunately, the NEBOSH International Diploma has been specifically crafted to meet the needs of health and safety practitioners worldwide.

By recognising the need for a common and consistent standard of health and safety for workers everywhere, the NEBOSH International Diploma builds upon the foundation provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate, and grants participants the chance to pursue a health and safety career no matter where they live in the world.

So, join thousands of other health and safety professionals on the global market to make the modern workplace a better, safer place to work. The NEBOSH International Diploma is recognised and respected no matter where life takes you, making it an invaluable qualification for today’s global citizens.

NEBOSH International Qualifications

Will I have the time?

NEBOSH Diplomas

In today’s fast-paced world, the workplace can be hectic. With projects, budgets, and deadlines to consider, employers are often hesitant to dedicate time to developing their employees professionally. Similarly, many career professionals believe they do not have the time to pursue professional development with the little free time they have left.

However, a NEBOSH National or International Diploma is still achievable. When employers and employees take their professional development seriously, the return on investment is almost immediately recognised. Furthermore, with a range of study options, NEBOSH makes it easier for students to pursue their dream careers.

NEBOSH Diploma providers can be found almost anywhere in the world, and their courses are designed to fit the needs and schedule requirements of the student. Aside from the traditional day courses, there are also evening courses and online modules to fit around the schedules of busy professionals already working in the field. There are also workplace-based courses which is the perfect way for employers to bring the benefits of a NEBOSH Diploma right to the workplace.

What am I waiting for?

NEBOSH Diplomas

There’s nothing holding you back! The time is now to prioritise your professional development. Get recognized for your hard work and dedication to managing risk in workplaces around the world. With the prestige of the NEBOSH National or International behind you, employers are bound to be impressed.

Peruse the full list of NEBOSH’s courses and qualifications and start on the path of guaranteed success today!

Search for NEBOSH Qualifications

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Last updated: 15 Jul 2019

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