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Want A Career In HR? Here’s What You Need

Get a Career in HR

Want A Career In HR? Here’s What You Need

If you are looking for a career in HR but are unsure as to what you need to get noticed, you’re in the right place. There are numerous different roles that fall underneath the broader umbrella of Human Resources, but there are a few things that will certainly help to push your CV to the top of the pile.

As with so many career paths, preparation is key to success. Therefore it is important that you fully understand the position for which you are applying before submitting your application. Blindly applying for any old role in HR is not going to set you off on the correct path.


The qualifications needed in order to land a job in HR will largely depend upon the role that you are applying for. If, for example, you are looking at an entry-level position, then a high school education and a willingness to learn on the job should be enough to see you through. However, it will often be the case that this kind of role will still require a degree of experience in a similar administrative environment.

At the other end of the scale, those seeking to move into a managerial role within HR will naturally require a higher level of qualification. These higher-level roles may require either a national diploma or a national, industry-recognised certificate (see below). University degree equivalents may also suffice if they are closely tied to the position being applied for.


Human resources is an integral part of business. From major corporations down to smaller mom and pop stores, everyone needs to deal with the people that work for them. It is hardly surprising then that there are industry bodies and chartered associations specifically for the HR sector.

Certification from the relevant country’s governing body can demonstrate your ability to perform the tasks required of you to your prospective employer. Obtaining such a certificate will undoubtedly put you ahead of the rest of the applicants who may not have undergone the necessary examinations required to receive such recognition.

Dealing with people and mediating between parties is a common part of job role for HR professionals and they can hugely benefit from these mediation training courses.

Technological experience

As with so many different business sectors, HR has undergone a transformation over the last couple of decades. Gone are the paperwork heavy days of old. Nowadays, technical knowledge is vital in order to progress in human resources.

HR systems have replaced traditional ways of working in many companies, so having some previous experience of working with software systems would be a huge advantage.

Other ways to get into HR

If you currently do not have the required skills, qualifications, and/or certification there are other ways that you can lay good foundations for a future career in human resources. Accepting a non-HR related, but closely linked, role can be a fantastic stepping-stone to success.

Moving up within a firm can show a great desire for progression and will be looked upon favourably by interviewers. Picking up on-the-job training and showing a willingness to learn goes a long way with many employees, so be on the lookout for any opportunities that may arise for you to gain some new qualifications.

If you are looking to get ahead in HR, technological experience, qualifications, and certifications will help get you noticed. However, for those that may be lacking in these areas, a strong desire to adapt and learn new skills can also open the doors to a new career.

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2018

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