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Average UK Salary | Law

Find out how much you can earn with a career in law, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: legal associates, solicitors, legal secretaries and more!

The Office of National Statistics has released figures showing that those in legal professions, especially those more at more senior levels, earn over the national average.

For those in law the average salary is £49,177 per year, whereas the UK national average salary for full-time work came in at £35,423, for men and women combined. Furthermore, salaries in law have increased between 3% and 9% year on year (depending on the role) compared to other industries which saw a decrease of up to 12%.


Average Salary Law - Full-Time

The legal professional outstrips the average on nearly every count.

Legal professionals earn an average of £88,099 a year, which is considerably higher than the £58k of full-time senior managers. The survey also showed that solicitors take home £53,100, legal associates £32,551 and legal secretaries £22,957.

Job Role

Legal Professionals (n.e.c)


Legal Associates

Legal Secretaries

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary






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Do men earn more than women in law jobs?

The figures showed there was a wage gap between men and women in the same full-time professions.

Full-time male legal professionals earned nearly 50% more than women, with the average salary for men sitting at £104,192 and women at £69,474. Across the breadth of the profession, the gender pay gap is estimated to be a much lower mean of 17%, taking into account all roles and whether they are part-time or full-time.

For legal professional, the survey showed that men earned an average of 23.9% more across the board.

Job Role

Legal Professionals


Legal Associates

Legal Secretaries

UK Average

Male Full Time






Female Full Time






Average Salary Law - Part-Time

Part-time workers saw slightly lower salaries, with legal professional earning £50,416 solicitors £30,681 and secretaries £13,514. Legal associates who worked part-time earn significantly less than their full-time counterparts, taking home an average of  £13,573 per annum. All part-time workers in the legal profession were still earning over the UK average of £12,083 per annum for a part-time role.

Job Role

Legal Professionals (n.e.c)


Legal Associates

Legal Secretaries

UK Average

Average Salary Part-Time






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Source: ONS

Last updated: 30 Apr 2019

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