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How to become a Beauty Consultant

Find out what it means to be a beauty consultant, the kind of work you can expect to do, how much you can get paid and more in our beauty consultant career guide!

What does a Beauty Consultant do?

Beauty consultants work in the cosmetics retail industry. They help customers to choose the right beauty products to make the most of their personal appearance and to suit their age, skin-type and lifestyle.

Most beauty consultants work in department stores, but are usually employed directly by a cosmetic company and only sell that company's products. Some beauty consultants work for companies on a self-employed basis, demonstrating products in customers' own homes and selling directly to them.

They recommend products which will be most suited to the customer's colouring, skin-type and face shape, and demonstrate their use, for example by giving facials or applying make-up. They may also offer this service as part of promotion for a particular product, or give demonstrations to groups in the store or for outside organisations. They may keep records of regular customers in order to provide a personalised service.

Other duties include displaying and restocking products and carrying out routine sales tasks such as wrapping purchases and handling payments by cash, cheque or credit card.


What's the working environment like working as a Beauty Consultant?

38 - 40 hours per week

Evening shifts

Weekend shifts

Beauty consultants work store hours, usually between 9am and 5.30 or 6pm five days a week, including most Saturdays. They may work some late evenings and/or Sundays. Part-time work is possible.

What does it take to become a Beauty Consultant?

To be a beauty consultant you need:

  • an outgoing personality, friendly manner and some degree of persistence
  • clear spoken and written communication skills
  • to be patient and polite to customers
  • the ability to use cosmetics to good effect as part of your own beauty routine
  • the ability to work in a small team and get on well with colleagues
  • numeracy skills, which are required for cash handling and recording stock.

How much can I earn as a Beauty Consultant?

The average annual salary for full-time beauty consultants is £16,534 per year for those working full time. The salary range goes from £14,000 up to £25,000, assuming a full-time position. Older data from the ONS suggests part-time beauty consultants earn an average salary of £9,492 per year. 

Average Salary


Salary range

£14,000 - £25,000

Beauty Consultant Career Opportunities

Beauty consultants are either directly employed by large stores, or are employed by cosmetics houses to work in the cosmetics section of a store.

There are a few opportunities for cosmetics consultants to work at airport departure lounges, on cruise liners and in hotels. Self-employment opportunities are limited to selling cosmetics from home. This is often a part-time occupation.

Promotion to senior consultant, supervisory and area management posts is possible.

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Last updated: 24 Oct 2019

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