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Become a Professional Coach

How to Launch a Successful Coaching Career

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Professional Coaching Executive Coaching Relationship Building Mentoring Personnel Development

Professional Coaching

Coaching and mentoring professionals are an increasingly important part of contemporary business. Normally working on a short term basis in a range of industries, mentors and coaches inspire and educate workforces. Helping to increase productivity and create happier and better adjusted employees and employment situations. A number of professional qualifications in the discipline have emerged in recent years as more and more international businesses have become aware of the added value offered by recruiting coaching professionals.
Training is offered both in house and at external education establishments and subsequently it has never been easier to begin your career as a mentor. Whether you are a current business professional looking to take the next step in your career or are simply eager to improve your all round skill set and employability there is a range of coaching courses available to choose from. Offering a diverse assortment of working environments, interesting and complex challenges and enormous rewards coaching and mentoring are more popular and important than ever before.

Coaching careers

Training Opportunities: Become a Professional Coach with the Right Qualifications

The coaching and mentoring sector has developed over the past decade into a multi billion dollar industry. A number respected training providers offer professionally accredited and recognised part and full time degree courses in the disciplines. Distance and evening learning courses are also offered all over the country and available to anyone who has work commitments during the day.

Most course structures are based around workshops, supervised practical work in an office environment, one-to-one tutorials with a qualified professional and written and verbal assessments. This may very depending on the course convener, with some programs relying more on practical work whilst others rely heavily on theoretical lecture style sessions. Almost all courses involve plenary learning methods as well as group work that aims to encourage subject specific discourse and improve the ability of students to work through issues in a productive and inclusive way.

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Browse the UK's largest selection of Coaching training providers on Choose the award, certificate or diploma that helps you fulfill a coaching role in your organisation.

It is important to participate in a professionally accredited training course that is organised by a coaching and mentoring professional. These kind of courses offer certification on successful conclusion of the course as well as a number of high quality work resources that remain invaluable even after the course has been completed. Many of these courses also offer post programme support that allows you to continue a dialogue with your tutor and peers. Talking through real life workplace issues and using those experiences to help foster and nurture the next generation of coaches.Top

Coaching careers

Leadership and Executive Coaching

One of the key aspects of coaching and leadership training courses is turning those in senior management positions into exceptional leaders. Executive coaching courses are available to high level professionals who are eager to improve their capacity to connect with employees. Predominantly convened by external bodies, these courses help businesses develop talented people and offer an important external perspective on the way in which senior executives engage with their employees.

Are you already a leader and want to inspire your peers through coaching?

Choose a professional development course to support your career goals, above and beyond your role as a leader. Be an inspiration for your team with the right leadership training. brings you closer to Britain's top qualification training providers who deliver leadership skills courses in the UK and abroad.

Check out today's leadership training offers!

The Role of an Executive Mentor

The role of an executive coach or mentor varies depending on the career path chosen. However, some of the basic expectations of the profession include:

  • Providing support and feedback to individuals or groups
  • Business planning and development
  • Professional guidance
  • Strategic development
  • Project and personnel management

Relationship Building

Arguably the central component of working successfully as an executive coach or mentor is the capacity to form lasting and productive working relationships. Subsequently any business coaching training course will focus specifically on how to do this. Looking at identifying relationship needs, developing people skills, active listening and the ability to foster a productive working environment are all key to successful relationship buildings and cornerstones of any training course related to coaching and mentoring.

Choosing an executive education programme gives you the chance to build a professional network with like-minded leaders in your branch. Exploring's selection of Executive Education programmes you have the chance to receive personalised quote's from the UK's leading learning institutes hosting top executive coaching courses at the top level and much more.

Find your executive education programme

TopCoaching careers

Your Job as a Mentor

Depending on previous professional experience coaches may be employed to lead a team through a specific project. Working clients towards pre determined goals set out by an executive team. Others may be employed as job coaches who work one on one with a variety of clients to help them find gainful employment. This requires keen problem solving skills as well as a strong knowledge of the job market. The ability to connect and talk to people is also absolutely vital as is an awareness of the training opportunities on offer to individuals depending on their skills, education and ability.  

The role of a coach and mentor will vary from business to business, with more emphasis placed on certain aspects than others depending on the industry and sector. It is however a universal truth that coaching and mentoring requires patience, the desire to lead and educate, the capacity to form strong and lasting working relationships and the ability to think strategically.

Do you have what it takes to be a mentor? Enrol on a mentoring course today!

Mentoring Careers

There has been a boom in training courses for those that want to be coaches and mentors in recent years. It is a multi billion pound industry that offers fantastic career opportunities and a variety of engaging and complex challenges. A career in the coaching sector promises to be a rewarding one so be sure to look online and find a course that best suits your area of expertise, your past experience and your abilities.


Last updated: 02 Oct 2014

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