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Hotel room attendant holding  a stack of freshly washed towels

How to Become a Hotel Room Attendant

What does a Hotel Room Attendant do?

Hotel room attendants ensure that hotel rooms are clean, tidy and inviting to guests. All aspects of cleaning are covered. This includes: changing bed linen, making beds, vacuuming floors and replenishing stocks of guest supplies such as shampoo and soap, and drinks in the mini-bar.

Attendants may need to treat different materials for stains, for example carpet stains or damage to polished wood.

In a small hotel, attendants are responsible to the housekeeper or housekeeping manager. In larger hotels, room attendants report to the floor housekeeper or assistant housekeeper. In the very smallest establishments the hotel owner or manager may supervise attendants, or might even do the job themselves.

What is the working environment like for Hotel Room Attendants?

There can be a lot of early starts, as well as some weekends and public holidays. Shift work is common - some hotels operate a 24-hour shift system. Part-time, seasonal and temporary work is common.

The job can be strenuous, involving bending and stretching, and tasks such as carrying heavy loads of linen and turning mattresses.

Employers may provide a uniform.

What does it take to become a Hotel Room Attendant?

As a room attendant you should be:

  • Physically fit with plenty of stamina
  • Prepared to work hard and to a high standard
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Able to work under pressure - guests may be waiting to occupy their room
  • Methodical and able to pay attention to detail
  • Polite and helpful when dealing with guests.

What career opportunities are there for Hotel Room Attendants?

There are usually plenty of vacancies throughout the UK - not only in hotels, guesthouses and holiday centres, but also working for agencies and contract cleaning companies. Hotels often use agency staff due to seasonal demand. There are also opportunities to work abroad.

Prospects may depend on the size of the organisation. In small organisations, progressing may mean moving to a different employer. In larger organisations there are more likely to be opportunities to be promoted to supervisory and management jobs.

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Last updated: 27 Sep 2019

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