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Promoting a Learning Culture in Your Organisation

Learning Culture - How To Promote

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Top-performing organisations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting a culture of learning is a key component of business success. “An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage,” according to Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric.

What does a learning culture look like in action? To find out, we’ve identified various L&D leaders who have worked to lead a holistic cultural shift in the communities of their organisations. They come from a diverse array of industries and organisational sizes, from both the public and private sectors, and have shared their experience and insights in leading cultural change.

Finish reading the ''Promoting a Learning Culture in Your Organisation'' article to learn how to:

  • Define what a learning culture could look like in your organisation
  • Put employees at the heart of your strategy
  • Work with senior leadership to spark cultural change
  • Identify and win over often overlooked influencers in your company
  • Help employees become accountable for learning
  • Use technology as an ally 
  • Find tangible impacts to drive home the value of a learning culture

Featuring practical advice from professionals who led cultural transformations at Johnson & Johnson, Getty Images, BPS World and more, this article is part of the U.K. L&D Report 2018: Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy. 

Download the full report below:


L&D report

What's included?

  • The employee training budgets, training topics, and training methods of organisations in 2018.

  • Practical advice from L&D leaders to help you adopt new technologies, nurture a learning culture, get the most from the apprenticeship levy and measure and promote the value of workplace learning.

  • How learning professionals rate the executive engagement in learning, assess the impact of training and more!

U.K. L&D Report: 2018
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This article is sponsored by the ICAEW Academy of Professional Development.

Last updated: 15 Mar 2018

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