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HR Trends Articles

Here at findcourses, we are firm believers that training and development should happen throughout your career, not just in school. And we have the statistics to back it up, too.

In our most recent Learning and Development Report we discovered that:

  • Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, 35% of companies predict a decrease in their L&D budget
  • 42% of employees rated learning and development as the most important employee perk
  • Leadership and Development training is the most important soft skill for companies in 2019
  • UK’s training priorities are shifting, and diversity and inclusion training makes the top 5 for 2019
  • 60% of companies using the apprenticeship levy are confident in the sustainability of their talent pipeline 

If you work in Human Resources or are simply interested in where the industry is going, find all our articles about the latest HR trends below.

Last updated: 05 Aug 2019

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