Inspiration for your professional development: interviews


Last updated: 05 Aug 2015

Have a successful job interview and land your dream job!

Published: 16/10/2015

Getting a job interview can be a long and frustrating process that requires a great amount of dedication and time. That's why you want to make sure your hard work pays off when you finally get that magic opportunity to shine in a one-to-one conversation. Read this HR Manager's tips for succeeding landing your dream job!

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Training technologies in oil & gas and beyond

Published: 05/08/2015

"We all learn in different ways and providing choice will help to support learning for the individual."
Mark Houston, Operations Director of training company Nautilus, talks with about how new technologies can support skills development in the Oil & Gas industry and beyond.

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The value of Learning at Work Week: a first-hand account

Published: 24/06/2015

Getting employees engaged in learning can be difficult, but Learning at Work Week (LAWW) provides an ideal opportunity for organisations to put learning in the spotlight.
Bryony Maud, L&D Coordinator for the World Duty Free Group, describes her first experience of LAWW and gives tips on how to organise a successful event.

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The past, present & future of CPD

Published: 14/04/2015

What began as a means for institutional bodies to structure further learning is now a key tool for employers and individuals looking to enhance their skills.
In this interview, the MD of The CPD Certification Service provides his insights into future developments in the world of Continuing Professional Development.

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Training and skill development in the oil & gas industry

Published: 02/04/2015

With technological advancements being made every day and the price of oil a constant concern, how are the training needs of oil and gas companies evolving? More importantly, how are training providers adapting to this trend?
Gary Nichols, MD of Nautilus, gives his view on historical and current trends in a complex and changing industry.

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The power of performance in business training

Published: 06/02/2015

If you think the performance arts have nothing to do with business, think again.

Cat Clancy from City Academy explains why acting skills are really life skills, and how performance-based training can help individuals communicate, influence, negotiate and resolve conflicts.

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The need for plain English in education & training

Published: 20/11/2014

Skills are key to ensuring that individuals are able to reach their personal and professional goals, while helping businesses attract the talent they need. But what happens when jargon makes it nigh on impossible to understand what a person is able to do so? The Plain English Campaign tells about their quest to tackle 'qualification confusion'.

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Giving Cass Art a taste of leadership training for LAWW

Published: 21/10/2014

Each year, matches training providers with companies looking to organise some kind of taster session or learning activity as part of their Learning at Work Week celebrations.
After matching art supplies company Cass Art with training provider Leadership in Action, we caught up with trainer Graham Field for his views on the event.

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Why workplace learning is a win-win endeavour

Published: 15/09/2014

What is the real significance of workplace learning and development, and what responsibilities do companies have when it comes to developing their staff?

Tricia Hartley, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Learning, explains how both companies and individuals can benefit from learning in the workplace.

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What Learning & Development means for a business

Published: 23/05/2014

Why does someone decide to work in Learning & Development? What are the aspects of the role that they consider most important and for what reason?

We interviewed the winner of our CIPD 2014 competition and got a few insights from an L&D industry insider.

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Leaders on leadership: Stephen Elon speaks to FindCourses

Published: 02/07/2013

When it comes to leadership, there are reams and reams of theory for ambitious managers and leaders to refer to. But what's it really like to lead a team, or even a whole company?
We met with Stephen Elon when he was CEO of Nokia and asked him to give us his thoughts on what good leaderships look like.

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The career of a successful Executive Assistant

Taking steps forward in your career can often seem nigh on impossible when employers are hesitant to let you tackle a more advanced role. How did Noelia Lopez Del Rio face this challenge and go from Receptionist to Executive Assistant for an American investment bank?
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The best return on your management training invesment

It's never too late to start learning. But busy schedules and a constantly evolving landscape of further education opportunities can make self-development seem like a daunting prospect. In this interview, Allan Gibson explains why enrolling in the Anglia Ruskin blended online/work-based Management BA programme is probably the best choice he ever made.
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Meeting demand for qualified assessors with online learning

Assessor courses have always been a great way to change career and try applying existing skills & expertise in a new context. What's more, the Government funding of apprenticeships has served to fuel increasing demand for assessors in the vocational sector. In this interview, Sheun explains how his online Assessor course with Great Achievers changed his health & social care career - for the better.
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Taking a career in H&S further with BSC

Health & Safety is an area that is understandably very demanding in terms of the skills and qualifications required of its practitioners. In this interview, Health & Safety Manager Ian Cunningham describes his experience of training for the Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health with the British Safety Council, and explains why he is more than happy with his choice.
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My journey onto the Dip. in Residential Surveying & Valuation

Philip Rushforth moved into self-employment in 2003 and knew that he would eventually need something extra to be competitive and extend his portfolio of residential property surveying services. In this feature, he explains how he began his training journey with SAVA School of Surveying and recounts his experience of the Dip. R Surv & Val so far.
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