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Learning at Work Week 2014 Success

Successful Learning at Work Week Events in 2014 has helped organise many events at organisations across the UK over the years.

The theme in 2014 was "Learning Connections" reflecting the changing nature of learning and development, with a focus on:

  • Learning through connecting people and places
  • How workplaces can take advantage of new approaches, attitudes and tools that support their employees to learn
  • Learning through bringing together knowledge and ideas
  • Learning through personal journeys
  • Learning in the digital world

Highlights of's Matchmaking Service in 2014

  • More than 70 training providers volunteered to take part and offer taster sessions
  • organised more than 60 events for companies across the UK
  • Most popular areas of training that were requested (in no particular order):
        * Assertiveness
        * Confidence building
        * Leadership, leading teams
        * Motivation, motivating others
        * Dealing with difficult people
        * Communication
        * Networking
        * Customer service
       * Team work, working better together
       * Organisational development
       * Digital marketing
       * Excel skills
       * Coaching
       * Project Management
       * Stress management and well-being
       * Career planning
       * Mind mapping
       * Creativity

Selection of the companies that took part in 2014

Companies that took part in matchmaking in 2014

Here's just a few case studies of events that took place in 2014:

PTP - Learning at Work Week


PTP: Practical Training & Marketing
Delivered several sessions for a company in Nottingham on dealing with difficult people and communicating with each other.

Kaplan Altior - Learning at Work Week


Kaplan Altior
Delivered short taster sessions for two offices of a company in Surrey on IP information and best practices.

SquareOne Training - Learning at Work Week


SquareOne Training
Delivered bite-size sessions and take-away skills sessions for a company in London on Excel shortcuts and essential IT skills.

Live and Learn Consultancy - Learning at Work Week

Live and Learn Consultancy
Delivered an in-depth session for a company based in London on team work, helping their people work better together.

Last updated: 28 Jan 2016