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Are you a ‘baby-Zoomer’?

Free online webinar: How to host successful online meetings

Are a new user of online meetings and events using Zoom video?

If you are, then you might be interested in a free live online training event to help you get started. Zoom is a great tool for online meetings, lessons and ‘get-togethers’ with lots of very useful features.

Getting started

For a novice at a video or online communication it can all seem a little tricky at first. And then once the tech is sorted, how do you talk to people are not even listening or looking at you!   The good news, following a few simple tips can make all the difference.

I have recently transferred all our classroom training into ‘live online learning’. And, in the process, discovered lots of tricks and techniques that we would be pleased to share.  For example, here are a few simple points can make a big difference.


The starting point is making friends with the technology. Getting the setting’s right, positioning your computer and camera correctly can make all the difference.

Structure and slides

With limited attention span and lack of immediate body language, your voice and words will carry much of your message. With practice, you can make your communication clear, concise, and engaging. Most importantly, a good structure and visuals can help you make your meeting, lesson, or event interactive, engaging, and enjoyable.


Most of us watch video, browse the internet, and use our computer in a mainly passive way.  This becomes very apparent when asking for comments and questions in an online meeting or class. Instead of contributions, you get a deafening silence with invisible tumble-weed blowing across the screen! Using better questions and other techniques can make all the difference.

Live online training – free training on how run brilliant online meetings

This runs every few days or on-demand and is completely free for anyone looking to get up to speed with online meetings and events.

It is ideal for managers, all staff, teachers, salespeople, customer service staff, trainers, and professionals of all types.

For more information, please send an Information Request to Brilliant Customer Service today!

Last updated: 07 Apr 2020

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