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Bite-Size Learning

Information about the range of courses offered is provided below followed by a full list of training courses.

2-hour Bite-Size learning sessions

Bite-Size learning is short tools based experiential learning sessions that can be delivered onsite to save costs. We can cater for up to 75 delegates per day in a choice of 3 different 2-hour Bite-Size learning sessions at 25 delegates per session.

As more and more of us become ‘time poor’, we are expected to deliver more and more as part of the day job, so now is the time to undertake learning in a different way and just attend a Bite-Size learning session that can be delivered around your busy working schedule.

The modules can be delivered in clusters or in any combination, according to the needs of your organisation; we can split any course into Bite-Size learning modules and can run a Bite-Size learning session for a minimum of 4 learners to a max of 25 per session.

You can now buy the course content for each module

As more companies have an in-house Learning and Development function, sometimes it can save you a whole load of time and effort to buy content which is already written and you can deliver it in-house yourselves!!

Each module comes with the associated lesson plan and course handouts and all for just £600 + VAT per module.


  • Accountability
  • Adapting to a Changing Environment in the Public or Private Sectors
  • Assertiveness
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Training/Skills Needs
  • Closing Deals
  • Commercial Reality
  • Communication Skills Excellence
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Critical Business Decision Making
  • Customer Service Skills Excellence
  • Dealing With Difficult Customers
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Delivering Developmental Feedback
  • Developing a Customer Service Culture
  • Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Financial Awareness for Managers
  • Handling Objections With Style
  • How to Cope With Stress on a Day-to-Day Basis at Work
  • How to Deliver a Motivational Appraisal
  • Influencing
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Lean Thinking and Implementation Through the use of Empowerment
  • Management & Leadership - What is the Difference?
  • Managing a Matrix Team
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Upwards
  • Meetings Management
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Negotiate
  • Performance Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Presentation
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Project Management
  • Questioning to Success
  • Report Writing
  • Resilience
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Teambuilding
  • The Bribery Act
  • Time Management
  • Understanding and Developing Team Dynamics
  • Understanding Risk Management
Last updated: 17 Mar 2020

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