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Qualifications Articles

With so many qualifications to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

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Qualifications: A Summary

There are a number of different qualifications you can get in the UK and globally that will help you advance your career.

vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications are work-related and will be specific to your job or industry. They are aimed at giving you the skills required to perform a specific role.


Apprenticeships come in various levels, from 1 to 7, and offer a way of learning whilst working and earning. Apprentices can be any age, from school leavers all the way up to 50+, and you can undertake an apprenticeship at any stage of your career.

diplomas and certificates

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas allow you to specialise after your bachelor's degree. It's often shorter than studying for a Master's (which takes between 1 and 3 years depending on your area of study) however it is seen as an equivalent level to a Master's.

masters and mbA

Masters degrees and MBAs (Masters in Business Administration) are postgraduate qualifications that require you to have completed a bachelor's degree (often, but not always, in a related area).

industry-specific qualifications

Industry-specific qualifications are set by awarding and accrediting bodies. Many industries or roles have various different qualifications, for example, Project Management qualifications 

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