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3D printing technician Average UK Salary & Prospects

3D printing technicians manufacture products, including biomedical implants, car parts, aerospace components and fashion accessories.

  • Collect and inspect random samples during print runs to identify any necessary adjustments.  
  • Examine job orders to determine quantities to be printed, stock specifications, colors, or special printing instructions.  
  • Verify that paper and ink meet the specifications for a given job.  
  • Start presses and pull proofs to check for ink coverage
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3D printing technicians typically work around 37 to 42 hours per week.

As a 3D printing technician you will typically work between 8am and 6pm.

This occupation tends to be:

  • Realistic — Realistic occupations frequently involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They often deal with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the occupations require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely
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* from ONETonline
Average salary
24,295 GBP *
per year
18,000 GBP
33,000 GBP
5+ Experience
* data taken from the Office of National Statistics (
Average salary for 3D printing technician

Men make 19% more than Women
72% of 3D printing technicians are men
Big gender gap
  • 25,434 GBP
  • 20,709 GBP
Average salary for part-time 3D printing technician
Average salary for full-time 3D printing technician

  • 15,400 GBP
  • 13,617 GBP
  • 16,919 GBP
  • 24,295 GBP
  • 20,709 GBP
  • 25,434 GBP
Pay over time for 3D printing technician

Pay for this role has increased over time
  • 22,228 GBP
  • 21,832 GBP
  • 22,826 GBP
  • 22,596 GBP
  • 24,252 GBP
  • 24,270 GBP
  • 24,295 GBP
  • 24,261 GBP

Future outlook for 3D printing technicians

Balanced outlook
18 000+ jobs available
Balanced outlook
1% yearly wage growth (on average)
Fair outlook
62% chance of automation in the future

3D printing technician - Your future job?

Which qualifications do I need?

Find out what you need to know in order to become a 3D printing technician and the highest average level of education for people in this role.

In terms of people already doing this job:

  • 71% of people in this role have GCSEs or equivalent
  • 22% of people in this role have a post-secondary qualification such as a Higher National Diploma
  • 7% of people in this role do not have GCSEs or equivalent qualifications

You could take a course in creative design, model making or engineering. This could help you to find a job with a manufacturing or 3D printing company. Courses include:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Level 3 Certificate in 3D Design
  • Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology
  • T level in Digital Production, Design and Development

Get the right qualification to begin your journey to becoming a 3D printing technician


Things to highlight for your 3D printing technician interview

Attention to Detail Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks. Dependability Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations. Persistence Job requires persistence in the face of obstacles. Integrity Job requires being honest and ethical. Stress Tolerance Job requires accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations.

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