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Mental health nurse Average UK Salary & Prospects

Mental health nurses work in hospitals and the community, to support people with mental health issues.

Mental health nurses typically work around 37 to 38 hours per week.

As a Mental health nurse you will typically work evenings / weekends / bank holidays.

* from ONETonline
Average salary
34,049 GBP *
per year
24,214 GBP
37,267 GBP
5+ Experience
* data taken from the Office of National Statistics (
Average salary for Mental health nurse

Men make 8% more than Women
15% of Mental health nurses are men
  • 36,390 GBP
  • 33,529 GBP
Average salary for part-time Mental health nurse
Average salary for full-time Mental health nurse

  • 17,776 GBP
  • 17,963 GBP
  • 15,561 GBP
  • 34,049 GBP
  • 33,529 GBP
  • 36,390 GBP
Pay over time for Mental health nurse

Pay for this role has increased over time
  • 31,573 GBP
  • 31,530 GBP
  • 32,122 GBP
  • 32,418 GBP
  • 33,042 GBP
  • 34,049 GBP

Future outlook for Mental health nurses

Very good outlook
952 000+ jobs available
Balanced outlook
2% yearly wage growth (on average)
Very good outlook
25% chance of automation in the future

Mental health nurse - Your future job?

Which qualifications do I need?

Find out what you need to know in order to become a Mental health nurse and the highest average level of education for people in this role.
Find out what skills and qualifications can help you become a Mental health nurse

You'll need:

  •  knowledge of English language  
  •  analytical thinking skills  
  •  to be thorough and pay attention to detail  
  •  the ability to use your initiative  
  •  customer service skills  
  •  ambition and a desire to succeed  
  •  persistence and determination  
  •  excellent verbal communication skills  
  • to be able to use a computer and the main software packages confidently

Get the right qualification to begin your journey to becoming a Mental health nurse


What soft skills do I need?

Rise above the competition by brushing up on the 5 most important soft skills you need to become a Mental health nurse.