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Case Study: Carole Laithwaite

Henley Business School Leadership Programme Case Study: Carole LaithwaiteCarole Laithwaite

Professional Services Director, Kallidus

on the benefits of the Henley Leadership Programme

Henley Business School Case Study

How did you come to be on the Henley Leadership Programme, and what were your expectations?

‘My manager had been on the programme, and he’d found it transformational – both in a business and a personal context. He recommended that I went on it too. The Friday before attending the course I questioned whether I could spare the time due to pressure of work. Spending time on ‘my’ personal development felt quite selfish, but little didI know how important those 5 days would be to me personally and professionally. I am pleased to say that five of our management team have now been through the programme.’

Henley Business School Leadership Programme Case Study: Carole LaithwaiteSo what were those revelations, and how did they change you?

One of the main areas for me was to realise that it’s ‘ok’ to take time for reflection and self-development and I have continued to do this since the course.

‘I also realised that it’s okay to talk about me, and that’s something I hadn’t previously felt comfortable doing. I’m now much more open when talking about the way it feels for me when I’m facing issues or challenges – I have the tools and techniques that give me the confidence to articulate those feelings constructively.

‘One of the most memorable parts of the programme was a session called ‘My Best Self’, and that really helped me to focus on what I am good at – that was so empowering.’

Henley Business School Leadership Programme Case Study: Carole LaithwaiteAnd what changes has that brought about in the organisation?

‘The fact that we’re all more self-aware as well as appreciating the difference across the team and how to get the best out of each other, makes us a more honest and focused team.

‘In addition, when I conduct reviews and appraisals now, I’m much more focused on what my team have done well, rather than dwelling on the negative aspects.’

Finally, what is it about Henley, in your view, that makes their Leadership Programme so special?

‘The tutors are fantastic, no doubt about it. All four of ours were exceptional people, each in their own way, and the structure of the programme – with an emphasis on work-life balance – was superb. The location also adds enormously to the overall experience.

‘The opportunity to network with other likeminded people was really powerful, too. I’ve met people who I’m sure will be lifelong friends and another of the programme participants has become my unofficial mentor, and I’ve become his!

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