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Explore the UK Open College's Top 10 Most Popular Subjects

Find out what makes distance learning successful for all types of learners and how to take advantage of full training flexibility, next to the UK's preferred online course provider - UK Open College.

UK Open College

1. Business Studies

Whether you want to start a career in business administration or start your firm, having a solid understanding of business best practice is eseential. With a business admin or entrepreneurship course by UK Open College you can learn the key elements of administration and gain the skills to develop a business plan and delivering presentations.

2. IT Skills

Computer skills are crucial to maintain your competitiveness on the job market or improve your work effectiveness in your current role. Skills gaps in IT literacy among those who did not receive any related training in school can be closed with the right professional learning options, distance learning being the preferred method today. There are many IT training programmes for computer users and learners can choose anything from beginner to advanced.

3. Web Design

If you want to be a web design master and be able to craft a fully functioning website from a blank web page, you can learn everything you need with UK Open College, online. From the basics of web design, you can also specialise in various aspects of advanced website functionality, user experience and SEO optimisation and take your design vision to a whole different level.

4. Writing Skills

From creative writing, to search engine optimised content production, copywriting and technical writing skills, you can develop your written communication skills assisted by the experts. UK Open College's popular courses help you build the skills that make your writing more enticing.

5. Maths

Besides what you learnt in school, your Maths knowledge can be applied to various professional areas - from budgeting to complex financial modelling and statstical analysis. From basic  maths refresher courses,  A Levels to maths skills for finance, you can choose an online course to support you in your work projects.


Programming skills for IT professionals are key when looking to keep updated with the latest developments in the field. A distance learning programme can present you all you need to know about your programming language of choice and gives you full flexibility for exploring the contents.

7. Management

Management courses are some of the most popular around. Learning how to be a future leader is an important skill to learn, whether you are just starting out in your career or you want to take the next step, and you will learn a wide range of skills that will be essential in the development of your career.

8. Teaching and Instructor Training

Teaching training courses and programmes preparing assistant staff, such as TAs and teaching aides, are increasingly popular in the UK. A number of new qualifications recognising your knowledge level, such as the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools - offered at Level 2 and Level 3 by UK Open College, are extremely popular among professionals looking for a career change or a specialisation within the Education Sector

9. Languages

Learning a new language online, at your own pace and schedule, is the ideal way to explore its cultural foundations and improve your vocabulary. You'll start learning online, assisted by a dedicated tutor and move from complete beginner to complete proficiency at your own pace.

10. Supply Chain Management

Accredited supply chain management, procurement, inventory management and warehousing administration are increasingly popular topics in today's economic landscape. UK Open College's distance learning courses are accredited by the Instiute of Supply Chain Management, IoSCM, giving you the credentials to operate in this highly rewarding sector.