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Digital Marketing Trends for Training Providers: 2017


Digital Marketing Trends for Training Providers: 2017

Digital marketing heats up year after year - and 2017 looks set to be a scorcher. Listing your educations on FindCourses is one surefire way to leverage your digital marketing efforts, but there are still things you can do to boost your courses and how users engage with them online. We've pulled together the latest digital marketing trends that training providers should be aware of to stay on the pulse of the industry this year. 


Less is more.

The more content the better, right? Well, not necessarily. As training markets continue to grow it becomes harder for learners to find the information and courses that are truly relevant to them.

2017 will see training providers investing more in quality over quantity. That means SEO-optimised, highly targeted, visually appealing content, which learners are really looking for and are more likely to engage with. Choose your focus wisely and the results will speak for themselves.


Data demands.

Data analysis isn't new, but it's going to get easier. 2017 will see the rise of more sophisticated data visualisation tools, which will help training providers better understand and interpret the numbers behind their online marketing strategies. 

It is predicted that 2017 will see a huge influx in businesses using data analysis tools and the training industry will be no different. Ensure you know your site, your customers and your market by making smart data analysis investments.


Videos work.

People engage with videos. Fact. There is so much content to digest online that people don't always have the time or patience to scour through pages of text.

A short video that highlights the benefits and offerings of a training institute or course can help learners quickly identify whether it's right for them. Videos make a training institution look professional and modern - and stand out in search results.

2017 will see more training providers utilise videos for webinars, immersive marketing, 360° demos and training via live streaming to tap into the growing video training market. So start shooting!


The reviews are in.

Reviews have always been essential in showcasing training providers and courses, helping convince learners they are making the right investment in their training. 

But now reviews are playing an even bigger role: they can be coded and recognised by search engines - meaning the more reviews, the higher your site is likely to appear in search engine results. So start requesting that feedback!

virtual reality

Virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) training already exists in medical, engineering, combat, architectural and other specialist fields, but could it really be a reality for mainstream training? The answer is yes, just not yet.  

The benefits of virtual reality training are vast: it can be done remotely saving time and money; it safely simulates real-world or dangerous situations; and it boosts the impact of visual learning. With the sheer expense and ongoing development of VR software, it's not likely to become mainstream anytime soon, but training providers who want to stay ahead of the competition may want to start investigating possible options for the future.  

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2018

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