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Inbound Marketing Tips for Training Companies

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Our top tips to help you attract the right audience to your brand

Inbound marketing is shaking up the way the world’s leading companies communicate with consumers.

In a nutshell, it is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your brand and converts them into business. This means that rather than shouting your message to individuals who have learned to tune-out traditional marketing tactics, you draw them to your brand by creating content, tools, and services that they love. has handpicked our top inbound marketing tips we believe are easy wins for the training industry.

Conversion-Oriented Content

As a training provider, you have a unique set of materials at your disposal that other industries would drool over – training course materials. Worksheets, practicetests, expert content written by trainers and even online courses can capture training buyers in the awareness and consideration phases and give you an edge when they’re ready to make a decision.

By gating some of your materials to convert visitors into members, you’ll become the go-to expert in the subject area and gain the standing for your marketing and sales team to  each out to them later.

Professional education, and the education industry in general, is late to the game in digital marketing so it’s not too late to grow your database of leads and distinguish yourself from the competition by selectively offering gated training materials.

Lesson-Based Nurturing

There are a multitude of ways to nurture the leads you’ve gained into buyers.

Our favorite for the training industry? Lesson-based nurturing. It’s a series of bite-sized content members can sign up to receive. It might be a series of text emails, blog posts, slide decks or video content helping training buyers solve a meaningful problem.

The good news? As a training provider, expertise is at your fingertips. Whether you’re an open course provider specialising in communication skills and can offer a series of 5 weekly blog posts on public speaking tips, or an in-house provider that can provide small slide decks on communicating the value of L&D to top management, you have the know-how and instructional skills to help your audience solve challenges.

Youtube Presence

48% of marketers planned to add YouTube to their content marketing strategy in 2018. We’re willing to bet training buyers are not immune to the massive migration towards video content. If you’re interested in cultivating a YouTube presence but unsure of the type of videos you’ll be sharing – perhaps you’re already dreading the long storyboarding and production time corporate videos used to require – here are our suggestions for quick wins
for any training provider.

Try informal student interviews with participants on your courses covering what they’ve learned and how they plan to leverage it for themselves or their organisation, thought-leader interviews with your trainers most seasoned in their industry about need-to-learn skills in the next year, or short how-to videos featuring your best advice from your courses.

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2018

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