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The Training Buyer's Journey

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Where fits in the training purchasing process

Every marketing channel for professional training is different. In order to understand where fits into the training buyer’s journey, we have mapped our member cycle through their interactions with content, tools, and services.

The timeline below assesses which stage of the process buyers are in when they interact with

training report infographic

We hope that by sharing these insights about our audience, training providers can better understand our services and our place in your marketing strategy.


Most training buyers enter well into the consideration and decision-making phase. This is mostly due to years of SEO focus on attracting buyers who have identified their need for training and are ready to compare options.

When awareness-stage buyers do enter, it’s usually through the homepage or articles, and they frequently make use of our live customer service chat. We also reengage previous training buyers through our monthly newsletters who may identify a new training need through articles, quizzes or a report.


When training buyers have reached the consideration-phase, they often enter our site through the listing pages of courses in a particular training category. The average visitor comparing training views 3.4 training providers and engages for far longer with course pages at an average of 2 and a half minutes per page.

Visitors in the consideration-stage may send exploratory information requests to providers, usually asking for information that is missing from the page, and often click-through to training provider websites from our site to gather more details about the course and provider.


After training buyers have collected enough information to consider a handful of potential options, the decision-making process has begun. Depending on the level of investment and brand-recognition, this process may end quickly in a booking or purchase on or the provider site.

If the training is a large investment, a bespoke request, or the buyer is unfamiliar with provider brands, the decision-making process is longer. It’s more common for training buyers to consult a full page of reviews about the provider, information requests become far more detailed and urgent, and we find that fastest response-time in answering enquiries is rewarded
with business.


Earning loyalty from training buyers occurs almost entirely away from the platform. However, feedback and reviews are an important area where we can help. We believe digital reviews are an essential part of the buyer’s journey. To serve this need, hosts over 90,000 reviews, bringing in over 10,000 visitors and growing, directly from training buyers searching Google for reviews.

Collecting and responding to meaningful feedback can help win loyalty from past buyers. Digital reviews offer an additional benefit of influencing buyers in the decision-making phase and steering them toward your brand.

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Last updated: 26 Feb 2019

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