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Provider Spotlight: e-Careers


e-Careers comprises of passionate and talented educationalists who support over 325,000 students all over the world. The institution consists of around 200 individuals, who all specialise in their own aspects of combining education with technology.

e-Careers has established relationships with many awarding bodies, instructors and educational institutions to bring its students training and qualifications in an E-Learning format.

e-Careers is a true "EdTech" institution.

Affordable and engaging
e-learning content

Anytime and anywhere

Pioneering digital education
and innovative learning

24 hour support
& mentoring

Thousands of students
enrolling every month

Amazing reviews from
current and past students

Popular Course Categories from e-Careers:

What are the benefits of an e-learning course?:

  • Cost effective – minimises human, travel and classroom costs
  • Flexible – studying can be considered as "on demand". You are in control of where and when you want to learn
  • Up-to-date – all training material can be kept up to date and all students would automatically learn from the latest content
  • Evidence – progress tracking, completion reports and downloadable certificates ensure that everything learnt is validated
  • Consistent – It provides a consistent message, therefore eliminating problems with different instructors teaching different material in different styles
  • Environmentally friendly – you don’t need to travel and it doesn’t consume vast amounts of paper correspondence
Last updated: 06 Jul 2017