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Your Quick Setup Guide for the Review Management Tool

Showcase your reviews

Why you need it

In a competitive training industry, your customers are your most reliable brand ambassadors. New customers care about old customers, and peer-to-peer reviews are still the most convincing endorsements you can get to build trust in your brand and increase conversion rates. 

Using's Review Management Tool you collect, promote and optimise reviews from your course participants, to maintain a competitive digital marketing strategy.

How it works

Launched this Spring,’s new review management tool helps you streamline the way you collect reviews and lets you display them where they matter: in Google searches, on your website and on your profile. 

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Your overview page contains information regarding your course listings on, the widget generator and the tool for collecting reviews. You can follow the guidelines for the next steps directly in the customer login area.

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Step 1

Review form

  Use a Review Form

The review form consists of the questions that will be sent to course participants when they're asked to review the course.

Our recommended template consists of five mandatory fields, asking participants to rate their course experience overall, add a title and a message, and to leave an alias and their email address.

You have the possibility to customise this form by adding more questions. For example, you may want to ask your course participants how they rate their networking experience, course materials or training facilities.

Additional fields can also be used to match your existing review tool, if you already have one in place.

Phone view

Email template

 Create an email template

You can create and edit the email content that will be sent to your course participants when asking them to review a course. Go to the Email text tab.

Here can edit your sender name, subject line and customise the message using placeholders.

You can create one or several email texts and reuse them for as many send-outs as you want. For example, if you deliver a course in several languages, you can customise the message to suit your audience.

Tablet view

Collect reviews

Collect reviews

Once you have prepared your review form and created an email text, you can return to the Start tab to prepare your send-out.

Click on the Collect icon of the course you want to create a send-out for. Here you add your list of emails and match the send-out with a review form and an email.

You can use your own lists of emails for the send-out - we won't collect, use or distribute any of them.
You can schedule your send-out for a later date and follow up with a reminder.

For example, after course delivery, you can make sure all attendees receive the email with the review form immediately after class.

You can also schedule a reminder email, which will be sent to those who did not respond to the initial request for a review.

Create a send-out


 Publish your reviews

A summary of all incoming reviews is visible in your Reports area, from where you can publish them live on Here you can see the number of reviews collected for each send-out and Publish all reviews collected from a send-out.

They will be shown live on your profile and integrated into the widget displayed on your website. Once indexed in Google, the reviews will show in relevant searches with the gold star symbol.

Reviews in Google searches

On your, visitors have the option to sort their search results by course rating, which gives you another chance to stand out if you have collect a good number of reviews.

Findcourses - the list of search results filtered by reviews

You can display the reviews you collect on your own website, using our review widget.

Reviews widget: badge and complete list of reviews


 Launch the reviews widget

From the start page you can generate the widget for your profile or for course-specific pages. You can paste the generated code snippet directly onto your website. 
You will be able to display your average rating and number or reviews available on your website. Your site visitors will be able to view and add reviews directly from your site.
Widget on your Site

Respond to reviews

 Respond to reviews

On the Collected Reviews tab you can view the detailed content of the reviews you've collected. You can filter them by course, send-out or the tags you've created yourself.

You can also engage with your community of course participants by responding to their reviews. Select the review you wish to comment on, click Read more, and you will get the complete details of the participant who submitted it. 

Course participants that you reply to receive a notification with your response.

Thumbs up

 All set!

Now you're all set - you can continue receiving reviews through the widget on your website, your profile and any scheduled send-outs. Log in regularly to manage your reviews and create new send-outs based on your course schedule.

If you need any help using the review tool, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Contact your Account Manager or email us directly for more details.

Last updated: 08 Sep 2015


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