Course participants reviews for Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® Online

Average rating 4.9

Veronica Acuna
I attended this course virtually from the United States and I am so glad I did. The administrative role is changing, and this very interactive course kicks off by showing you how to grow with your company. Such a powerful start! The course is well thought out, supporting materials are relevant, the timing worked well, and deadlines (for homework...
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Erika Clark
A great proactive approach. Very engaging instructors. Left the course feeling motivated.
Wilma Savage
Awesome lead courses lead by a well versed instructor. The classes were informative and easy to understand the paths forward to use the new concepts.
JoAnn V Torres
This course was top-level and professional. There was a lot of information, but it was well organized and presented. Our trainer, Jeff Lockhart, was informative, kept a good pace and kept me engaged and interested. I learned a lot that I believe will be very useful in my current position. Jeff, Christian and Richard were supportive and had our ...
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Marjorie Apodaca
I learned so much more than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the classes and completing the exercises with the teams. I do hope to attend a conference once it is set up here in the US.
Danielle Taylor
This training was very beneficial. I feel like I cam e away with several tools to implement in my work day.
Hayley Trujillo
Really enjoyed this course! This was my first ever training course that I have attended virtually, but Jeff made it such a good experience. I learned so much and also was able to network with other admins here at Sandia! Looking forward to using the knowledge that I gained these past few weeks!
Priscila Zanini Duarte
The course is a reminder that we can go further . Various topics that are not on our daily tasks, but we can approach as problem solver. Also the network with the others attendees and the trainers.
This course taught me more than I thought it would. From DISC profiles to Emotional Intelligence to Project planning and more, they covered information that I didn't even know I needed. Highly recommend this course to any Admin looking to improve their knowledge base.
Valeria Salazar
This course was great! Very informative and easy to follow. Instructors were kind and extremely helpful from beginning to end. Not to mention the great group of people I met who were also taking the course. I am very thankful for this course and being able to take it!!!
Lucrecia Farrier
Participating and completing the ACEA program has been one of the highlights of my career and I look forward to proudly displaying my credential, next to my name! Jeff did an excellent job.
Gillian P.
I very much enjoyed the variety of topics covered in the ACEA course. A big thanks to the organizers and the trainers who were extremely knowledgeable, flexible and allowed room for discussion to reflect the needs of the participants. I had the great opportunity to train with a dedicated group of international participants and I will now confide...
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Danette Higdon, CAP-OM, ACEA
The material was very well presented and pertinent to my position. The trainer was engaging and the participants encouraging. It was more than worth the time and expense away from the office and will pay dividends well into the future. I enjoyed every minute and would do it again.
Alyce Fong
This course had definitely delivered the best for EA. The contents were relevant to what we are doing daily thus it bring us to the next level with the in depth knowledge from the trainers. A big thanks to the team - Richard, John, Christian!
Tina Zhang
Through ACEA learning, we can know what exactly skills needed to be a Modern-Day Executive assistant! More than courses itself, I am appreciating the leadership from BMTG team when have problem entering class, efficiency communication and timely solution, impressed me a lot. I highly recommend this course if you want to reach next milestone o...
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I attended ACEA in Washington DC with Pat as my instructor and it was an incredible experience. I felt that I gained a deeper understanding of everything that I take part in with my job and he was a very fun and kind teacher. I highly recommend this course.
I throughly enjoyed my experience attending ACEA in Washing D.C. The course covered so many aspects needed to be a successful Executive Assistant and I learned so much which I'm excited to use in my role. I cannot begin to say how incredibly insightful, fun, entertaining the course leader Pat was. Pat made the experience educational yet fun!...
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This course has so much information that you'll be able to start using immediately! And our course instructor Pat Woods made the learning experience so much fun, and interactive. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow professionally, and add to what they bring to the table for their organization!
Jenna Lewis
Every administrative professional should take this course. I needed this 10 years ago.
Kanika Kalra
This mini capsule course for EAs or other administrators in an organisation really adds value to their roles. It gives a broader perspective of what is the role of administrators globally. How important they play a role for the top management, what skills are required and how they can become more strategic in their work. The learning journey wit...
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Alison McMurtrie
Overall a really fantastic course with a lot of very useful content which will be used in the workplace. If you are an EA/PA I would highly recommend this training course.
Maureen Powers
This course was challenging and so informative. I loved being able to meet and work with some very impressive people from around the world, and I am eager to share what I've learned with my executive. I would highly recommend this course to administrative professionals looking for some solid professional development, as our role is ever-evolvi...
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L. Gonzales
Richard, Christian, and Jeff put together an organized and well thought out course. Jeff was a great instructor. He made the material fun and engaging. Questions we answered promptly, help was always available. Students are set up for success and fully supported.
Lynda Sue
This was an amazing course! It helped me realize my value in ways I'd never thought of before. I recommend it to all Assistants at all levels!
Sheanda A.
From beginning to my discovery call with Christian who was friendly and patient and remained accessible despite our significant time differences to Jeff equally as friendly and knowledgeable and relatable, to the connections made with the other delegates during our short time which I really hope we maintain to Richard's encouraging check-ins, re...
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A very well put together course. Learned a lot and would recommend to other administrative professionals.
Amanda Marquez
This was a reinvigorating course that helped me become a more strategic EA and a lot of tip that I have already started implementing and seeing a difference. I would 100% encourage EA's to take this course and know they will flourish like they helped me to.
Marie Lucero
I loved this training. The course was very informative and gave so many tools to use and apply in our daily work. Jeff is off the charts amazing! He made things easy to grasp and understand without being condescending or making you feel belittled. It truly was a coaching approach which I appreciated. Would HIGHLY recommend. The comradery we crea...
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Tammie Anderson
Course was great, a bit challenging sometimes with the time differences but we all overcame it. I will take a lot away from it and refer to it in my career. Instructors were amazing and Richard did an amazing job.
Xenia K.
I very much enjoyed this course! Great content, great coaches and unforgettable take-aways! Thank you
Excellent instruction, assignments, and resources throughout this course. I wish I could have done it in person!
Sharon Ruiz
Extraordinary learning experience if you are interested in elevating your position and truly contributing to your team no matter what your title may be. You will be strategizing in no time!
Jennifer Jones
This is one of the most effective, organized, and fun trainings I have ever taken. All instructors were responsive, helpful, supportive, and kind. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to advance their career in the admin field.
Kimberly Gaeta
Wonderful course with knowledgeable and fun instructors. Such a great experience.
Angela Genevieve Betancourt Romero
I wanted to give a shout out to BMTG and the ACEA course, I feel excited to use what I have learned in my current role but better yet, I feel as if I have very useful knowledge I have acquired by taking the training to apply for higher level jobs and I feel as if I can apply what I have learned to get me there!! Thanks Jeff for your time you are...
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Haley Brunson
It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by individuals who love what they do just like I do!
Lorna Edita Medina
It was a fruitful course and this Certification as Certified Executive Assistant will be added to my credentials for future reference and career advancement.
The Groundbreaking, Globally Recognized, Certified Training Program for the modern day Executive Assistant! Awesome program! John and Richard do an excellent job in making sure you understand how everything works together! Program is well put together and the only one of its kind. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in their kn...
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April Coviello
I highly recommend this course to Executive Admins that would like to change their role from tactical to strategic partner for their execs. It gives you many tools to improve your project management and organizational skills and broadens your understanding of business. I am already putting to use many of the things I learned in the class.
Sarah Christensen
This course is filled with incredibly useful content delivered in a very engaging manner. The coursework was relevant to my role. I have already begun implementing improvements at my workplace. I also felt uplifted and inspired by the trainer and group. Thank you!
M Tucci
Evidence shows that educational courses that connect a group of like-minded people; are more rewarding. Attendees are enthusiastic and engaging—when working and learning with a group of positive in thought, supportive, uplifting, and energetic individuals. Trainers John Bullock and Richard Arnott were hands-on, ensuring we were on track, ass...
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Nathalia Davis
Thank you for recognizing that EAs need leadership training. It's what we do every day, so we need the training. Learning about theories, management styles and DISC assessments, finances and budget, project management...just a few things that I learned and now have a foundation to stand on. Our instructor, John, was a pleasure to work with an...
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I really enjoyed the ACEA course and meeting the other Executive Assistants. It was great! Thank you to Richard, Jeff and Christian at BMTG for an unforgettable learning experience.
Susanne Harder
This is a fantastic course with a 360-degree view of anything that could come across an Executive Assistant's desk. It gave me new resources and helped me adjust my perspective of where and how to fit in as a Strategic Partner to my Executive(s). It was also great to work together as EAs in a power team. Despite the fact that we did not know eac...
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La'Chele LeGrand
I was so nervous about taking this course, but I am glad I did! It opened my eyes to all the things we as Executive Assistants do on a regular basis plus some. The exercises & homework were a tad bit intimidating, but Richard and John were there to help me every step of the way. It helped me to believe in myself once again by using parts of my b...
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Emily Mohanavenni Williams
Absolutely wonderful! Course materials are what I needed to elevate my skill to the next level - Strategic Partner. Challenges me to think differently. Awesome! Thank you John Bullock and Richard Arnott! I am so grateful.
Keisha Garrett
The course was a reminder of things I already knew and an opportunity to learn more. I enjoyed the breakout sessions and collaboration efforts the course provided. The instructors were great and very knowledgeable in the topics. I definitely recommend the course to other Administrative Professionals no matter what level you are or how long you h...
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Catherine Jeiza
A great session that equips you with helpful tools, very practical. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to attain the role of a strategic Executive Assistant
Rehab Korayem
The Course provided a practical framework for me as an executive personal assistant to the CEO. It’s perfectly designed for our role with the skills we need. I definitely recommend ACEA for every EA / PA who strives to grow and excel.
Marla Nelson
This course was amazing, I learned so much about the inner works of business and also how to improve the services I provide to my managers and staff. I found great enjoyment in the class also because of the building blocks it provides with the job I do every day and also the ability to network and make new connections within my organization. Tha...
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The instructor was engaging and I learned a lot. I have recommended this course for my colleagues to take. It was great how the course creators had to adapt from an in-person, live course to a course that was conducted entirely online due to the pandemic. The networking and relationships that we created with our course mates will have a lasting...
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Jo Marie Eason
The ACEA is an excellent, fast paced course that provides you with a wealth of knowledge and information that should be required of all administrative assistants. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my EA team! Christian is quite helpful in getting registered for the course and ensuring that everything is in order. Jeff is an outstanding instruc...
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Tamar Armijo
This is one of the best administrative courses I have taken, it was different then any of the other ones that I have taken. I learned a lot about project management and there were a lot of useful tools that can be used in your everyday job. The teacher was awesome and I enjoyed the class and interacting with my team.
This course was everything I expected and more. There was a lot of information covered but all relevant to a modern day assistant. The tools I took away from this course will help me in my job and the classmates I’ve met were phenomenal. Jeff was an excellent facilitator along with the team and their valuable feedback.
Cindy Avants
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The instructors were professional, but fun and very informative and attentive. I appreciated the quick responses to my emails and the feedback. I would recommend this course be reduced to 2 days per week since most of us have very busy schedules, and 3 days takes a lot of time from our jobs. I would also re...
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Cathy Mazuranich
Jeff, Richard and Christian were engaging, present and helpful throughout the length of the training course.
Janet Vigil Sanchez
I thoroughly enjoyed this training. It was from an Executive's perspective and I found it to be extremely helpful and informative. Jeff is an excellent instructor - enjoyed the interaction and break out group sessions. I also appreciated Richard's input regarding the homework assignments.
Sarah Watt
Excellent opportunity for EA’s globally to gain a wealth of information and knowledge from dynamic leaders in business. I would highly recommend investing the time and money in order to become not only the best EA possible, but also a valued strategic partner. A very special thank you to John Bullock and Richard Arnott for helping make thi...
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Sarah Watt
Excellent opportunity for EA’s globally to gain a wealth of information and knowledge from dynamic leaders in business. I would highly recommend investing the time and money in order to become not only the best EA possible, but also a valued strategic partner. A very special thank you to John Bullock and Richard Arnott for helping make thi...
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Risala Allen
The ACEA course presented perspectives for the EA that I had not considered before. I feel as though I have been provided a foundation to continue to build my skills upon and create the career as an administrative professional that I desire. I feel better equipped in becoming a partner with executives, encouraged to own my place at the meeting t...
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Johanna D.
A gem of a course which is beautifully designed in content and structure which provided a thorough learning experience. I would highly recommend this unique ‘executive led’ course to all PAs/ EAs, who are looking to advance their career and be a strategic business partner. I also loved the opportunity to meet and network with other like minded E...
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This is a well structured, comprehensive course. It covers a good cross section of topics in a short amount of time. The facilitator was professional and personal. The content was extremely well presented. Whether the course matter is new or a refresher you will benefit greatly from the time spent in class. The assignments are relevant an...
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Larissa Sonsin
First things first: Magnificent course! We did it by virtual sessions and it worked very well! I had the opportunity to learn so much in it. Each topic is developmented to support us day by day and to provide our growth into AE carreer. The classes are dynamic as well. This was one of the best course I had done during past years. Larissa...
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Lori Jones
This was a great interactive course. The instructor was engaging and personable. I will be recommending to other Executive Assistants at my Firm.
Peggy Gibson
This course really opened my eyes to a lot of things and allowed me to see that WE Executive Assistant's are most times the back bone of our Institutions/Companies. Thank you to Jeff Lockhart who was an exceptional instructor in delivering your course. I looked forward to the class each day!! Wonderful feeling to have achieved and passed the cla...
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Anne-Marie Moore
Exceptional course, informative and instructive. Really enjoyed it. Many thanks to John, Jeff and Richard from the Business Management Training Group!
Debora Mazreku
The online ACEA training course has been a very enlightening journey. The program covers all relevant information needed for advancing the modern-day Executive Assistant’s role as a strategic partner to the Executive. This training is perfect for Administrative professionals from all business fields, and across all stages of their careers. Our C...
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Cibele Ortega
My name is Cibele Ortega and I have been working as an Executive Assistant for 21 years. I have done a plenty of courses, but ACEA it was the best one for me. Updated information, strategical thinking and soft skills were presented with high-quality by John, our amazing intructor. I really loved this amazing journey and I recommend this experien...
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Kristina Kemper
I took this certification course to help me move to a Chief of Staff position within my organization and I believe after taking the course, will absolutely be a catalyst to that promotion. Jeff did a great job and we had a great group of attendees. I appreciate everything I learned and can't wait to implement into my daily working life.
Andrew Downes
This course goes well beyond the old expectations of what the bosses assistant is supposed to do. The course looks at many areas such as Risk, Motivation Project Management and Meeting Planning and Coordination and creates a basic understanding in those areas which can be used should one decide to look deeper into those areas. This enjoyable ...
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Karen Mutimer
An outstanding course whether you are a new to the Executive/Personal Assistant role or an old hat! It certainly pushes you out of your comfort zone and gives a boost to your confidence. Highly recommend taking this course! The trainers Jeff and Richard were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in making sure you understand the course co...
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Carolyn Callow-Evans
Jeff was good knowledgeable trainer. Richard was always on hand with quick, constructive and helpful feedback. Even though this course was online the breakout groups showed you can collaborate virtually. This course covers every subject that you could come across as an EA, and teaches the skills needed to put it into practice. I have recommended...
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I recently attended the ACEA course where Jeff was an amazing instructor alongside Richard. Richard was really quick with responding to questions regarding the coursework and getting the coursework back to us with our grade really promptly. Jeff and Richard were both thorough and helpful throughout the duration of the course and were really supp...
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The course was hard but very enjoyable, the fed back on the assignment was always constructive and useful, I participated on the after sessions quiz's to help recap on the days learning which for sure helped with the final quiz assessment and I found it lovely to be greeted with Jeff's smiling face every day. Over all I really enjoyed the cou...
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Kate Brailsford
Jeff was superb throughout the course he delivered at a speed according to his audience.
The ACEA course provided me with the skills and resources to set up for success. Jeff is a fantastic facilitator and challenges your thinking, while the group work teaches collaboration. This course touches on every subject that you would come across as an EA, and teaches the finer skills and putting it to practice. Highly recommended.
It was a wonderful experience. The topics were so relevant in this modern day. The small group was so perfect and allowed all of us to be more interact and engage. Team mates were very spontaneous, each and everyone of us took a chance to lead the discussions and presentation. The final presentation was the BEST. It really boosted my confidence...
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Nicole Norah
I had such a wonderful time learning from Richard and Jeff during the course and my other coursemates. This is a course that every Executive Assistant needs to look out for and invest in. There is nothing as great as being a superstar in your work and working effortlessly to give your executive TIME. This training and course has definitely d...
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Excellent structure! great content and information for learners also. Staff super helpful and supportive! Would definitely recommend!
Fabiana Martinez Silva
My experience of this course was outstanding. What for an amazing opportunity!! I attended the online course conducted via zoom in July 2021. The contents were covered with so many relevant topics and certainly will help me in in my career, being a “Strategic Business Partner“ for my Executives. I appreciated the class atmosphere because I h...
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Nancy Robinson
The ACEA Certification for the Modern Executive Assistant is filled with motivational and practical information which helps admin professionals work smart & expand the ways they can participate in the work of any organization. The staff for this course are also highly personable and engaging so it’s always a pleasure to be in class.
Colette Martin
Being able to take this course in an online virtual environment didn't disrupt the content. The course was really interesting, useful and covered so many relevant topics. The trainers, Jeff & Richard, were helpful and really got us engaged and working together in break out rooms and altogether as one group. Would have been nice to meet my fell...
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What for an amazing experience I had attending the ACEA Training!! Very structured and organized training, Jeff Lockhart and Richard Arnott are fantastic trainers and they gave us all the needed attention. The content is very engaging and covered with so many relevant topics that a Modern Executive must have in her/his career to assist an Exec...
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Marianne Piccirillo
Hi, I had a very pleasant experience and would recommend to others. The Directors really know their stuff and all the classes are very well planned and organized. I appreciated the small-class atmosphere that allows for camaraderie - all working together towards the same goal. Thank you!
Franziska Lielje
I really loved attending this course. I enjoyed the online sessions a lot, Jeff and Richard did an amazing job mentoring us throughout the whole thing and there are many takeaways which I'm already working on implementing at my company. Would definitely recommend to all EA's out there - especially since it is a certified course. Loved it!
Sabine Jagminas
I can highly recommend the ACEA course to any Assistants who want to improve their skills. I participated in the online course conducted via zoom in June 2021. Our trainers, Jeff Lockhard and Richard Arnott are very supportive and knowledgeable, and the combination of teaching, breakout sessions with the other participants and homework worked ve...
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Cibele Nascimento
In June 2021 I had the opportunity to attend ACEA and it was worth every penny - without a shadow of a doubt! A robust content, explained in a simply and funny way by the instructors. The classes are full of creativity and the exercises allow us to put into practice our critical thinking and analyze our performance as EA. Am I doing my best;...
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Karen Marfia
Thank you for setting up a special session for Sandia National Laboratories - it was great to take the class with my colleagues. The material and presentations were spot on for our success as EAs at our Lab.
Daniela Pasqualetti
An excellent training course for experienced administrative professionals and a great opportunity to meet other peers from different industry backgrounds. This course has given me further insight into what it means to be a modern EA and helped me understand where I wish to progress next on my career path.
Rhonda Simmons-Doyle
My ACEA experience was intense, impactful, very informative, highly professional and enjoyable. I enjoyed particularly how the interactions encouraged me to "think outside the box", to think beyond my current professional position. I interacted with a dynamic group of women with whom a bond is formed arising from this course. Jeff and Richard ...
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Karen Park
I would definitely recommend this course to all EAs or PAs wanting to broaden their knowledge in the world of business also a great opportunity to network with like minded professionals. The course is not for the faint hearted, there is a lot of work involved not only during the day sessions, but homework assignments, final presentation and...
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Renata Fontes
This is not only about a certification. It's an amazing journey about us and our position and change our behaviour and position as the Modern Executive Assistant, Great trainers always in touch. Jeff and Richard were encouraging and able to show us how to reinforce what we were learning with lesson exercises. I definitely I'm happy about my...
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from start to finish this was truly an enjoyable course i'd recommend to everyone on the fence! Jeff held us down daily by spicing things up to keep us engaged, Richard was so kind and supportive yet still a strict grader (tough love!), Christian always had words of encouragement when he appeared from behind the scenes, and Marie-Louise was ...
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Hamda Al Ketbi
very constructed training, i liked the home works :) it seems hard at the beginning but we can see the beneficial later on, very organized, and the trainers were capable and welling to assist. Thank you
Randa Fakhoury
Basically the best Course out there, look no FURTHER. the content is very informative, and on point. You are offered what you exactly need for your daily work and what WILL help you excel. This course helps the Modern day EA to upscale her/his skills to become a strategic partner to her/his exec. This course has elevated my thinking and m...
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Amber Tello
The training exceeded my expectations and I learned invaluable information I plan to continue to use. The content was clear and the Jeff was a great and very knowledgeable instructor! Definitely recommend!
Amanda Espinoza
The instructors were great. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a great opportunity to learn more about different aspects of being and Administrative Assistant. Being virtual was not an obstacle at all.
Angela C.
The information provided was both interesting and somewhat challenging. It was presented in such a manner that made perfect sense within the role of the EA. Exercises were pertinent, and I believe I took away some very useful information that will assist me as I move forward.
Chandra Almaraz
I loved the content and the instructor was fully engaged, personable, and knowledgeable
Mary Rogers
Joy Z
This is not your average training. It is superior on a different level of understanding of what the Modern Executive Assistant needs to do. The course was demanding and detailed, but trainers were great. Jeff and John were encouraging and able to show us how to reinforce what we were learning with lesson exercises. I definitely grew my knowl...
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Letitia Jacobs
The course covered a multitude of topics and was very insightful. A course that every person aspiring to become an assistant should complete early in their career to assist them to see 'the bigger picture'. For some assistants who have been in the profession for some time, this course will assist to 'sharpen their pencil' to refresh and revi...
Richard Arnott Comment:
Hi Letitia

Your comments are very much appreciated.

We have considered your suggestions and will take those on board.

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Natalie Haynes
Jeff is a fantastic trainer - the best. He is engaging; very knowledgeable and made attending this online course very enjoyable. I highly recommend.
Eva Giannini
It was my first real online training and I enjoyed it very much! In case of technical questions, help was always quickly at hand, the class conducted by fantastic Jeff Lockhart very well structured and always attached to "office reality" and the group - even though only meeting with thousands of miles of distance - built a very good dynamic and ...
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Lottie Cuccurullo
Jeff delivered an exceptional course. Extremely happy I attended as its given me a lot more confidence in the work place.
Jayne Allan
It was very informative, I enjoyed learning more about my Manager's role and also on how I can be a good assistant to him. I would definitely recommend it for other EAs.
Isabela Ribeiro
I'm so happy and proud for the ACEA accomplishment. The course was very well conducted, I was impressed with the organisation and content quality, the virtual format gave us a new experiences and opportunity to have an astonished intercultural knowledge.
Nick Smith
I found the ACEA Course Tutors very Kind and Helpful. I am applying what I learnt on the Course in my work. For example doing a presentation to Senior Management.
Rachel Gomes
It was a great opportunity to be with you and delegates in an amazing time during our classes, sharing and learning a lot. I appreciate that! Rachel.
Johanne Marchand
I have been following conferences and did a lot of reading but never found all I was looking for in a booth camp (even on-line). You offered more than I expected. This course is demanding but rewarding. I wish all business having a promising EA would invest in offering a certification as yours.
The training course delivered on all levels. I am excited to apply my lessons learned into my daily job duties to help improve productivity and transparency.
Laura Solt
I highly recommend this course! The instructors are awesome, Richard and John invested a lot of time into our class and took their time to get to know us and our needs. You will be able to network with colleagues world-wide and build your executive assistant toolbox that you will continue to use. Take this course!
Endurance Ajayi
My experience of this course was exceptional. The course was very detailed. Real time learning and immediate application into my day to day role. My bosses are happy and can see the difference in support. I am now a strategic partner to them and not just a Program Assistant as usual. The trainers were well experienced giving examples that fit th...
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Dawn Benson
This course now held on line is one of the best comprehensive business management program for EAs and course I've taken online. The facilitation team was organized and the online academy was very helpful for course materials, assignments, discussions and resources used throughout the month long course. I'm incorporating the materials and what I ...
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Kylie Mills
Highly recommend this course. The trainers are fantastic and the content well thought-out. Learn new skills and network with like-minded people across the world.
Pauline A. Marquez
Jeff and Richard are wonderful trainers! I definitely learned so much!!! Thank you for being our cheerleaders and caring about our growth!!
Isabella Oduro
You are an epitome of what you teach, great leadership and and mentorship. Your patience is overwhelming, your respect for cultural differences is great. Thanks to the team, Rich, Jeff and Christian.
Paula Thibodeau
The ACEA accreditation was THE BEST course I have attended in my field! While showcasing the skills that a Modern-Day Executive Assistant should possess in order to best assist their Executive(s), the course provided useful tools for each module that can be used in real-life work settings. Through clear explanations of the business/Executive sid...
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Sandy McAllister
The ACEA course was THE BEST I have attended for an EA. I was attracted to the course because it covered what organizations are about and how to gain and enhance the skills needed to assist your executive. The course delved into the key components that a modern day EA has to manage on a daily basis. Gaining perspectives from across the U.S. and...
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Mariko Nishi
Before joining the program, I was so nervous as I was not sure if I could catch up with it. Once started, I found my concerns were gone as professional and considerate trainers, Richard and Jeff, led us to the details step by step; delegates from all over the world were kind and listened to me, and the contents were extensive and interesting. No...
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This course is really interesting, useful and covered so many relevant topics. I would definitely recommend it. The trainers, Jeff & Richard, were excellent. Really knowledgeable, engaging and made everyone feel comfortable.
Deborah Marchand
The course covered topics all EA's need to know to help their executive run their business. The instructors are knowledgeable and balance the right amount of group, break-out sessions and homework. I highly recommend this course to others. You will gain a certification and lifelong relationships with talented EAs from all over the world.
Brittany Watson
Such an amazing opportunity! This course came highly recommended by other Executive Assistants within my organization and Jeff and Richard sure did deliver! Even virtually, the group made such a meaningful connection. I learned how to better use my skills and my knowledge of this field now greatly surpasses what I knew going in. I can't thank Je...
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Paula Dyson
A fantastic opportunity to explore a wide range of business topics that the modern day executive assistant faces today. The course was brilliantly delivered by Jeff & Richard, with participants from around the world. It was fantastic to connect with like minded people from different companies, which provided such a unique perspective. Thank you!
Charlene McMullin
I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot that I can use in present and future positions. The way the course was laid out gave me the eye to see my position, responsibilities from a different view and perspective and a better understanding of how important the EA's are to every Corporation and organization. Richard and Jeff were amazing and...
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Francisca Amoakah
This program has helped a lot. At first I learn without knowing how to apply them. Jeff and Rich; you have done really well. Rich, you were on our tow to the assignments and quizzes. you corrected where necessary and also encouraged us to do more. I will be glad to meet more of these trainers. Thanks so much for this opportunity
Nicole M
I've had the opportunity to undertake the ACEA course and from my experience, this course is very intensive and covers all faculties the Modern Day Executive Assistant requires to significantly exceed in their organisation. Gone are the days when EAs were seen as just bringing coffee to their executives, taking minutes and booking meeting and s...
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Ese Olufemi
great course, the content structure is quite deliberate and insightful
This is an investment in your time and financially but so worth it. You will not be disappointed. You will be challenged and stretched towards reaching a new level in your career, and it feels great when you do. You can do this and will do this. The facilitators are excellent, and you will have all of the support needed to succeed. There is no f...
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Jeff and Richard were fantastic instructors for ACEA America Online January 2021. They were able to cover so much information, along with facilitating discussions and assignments virtually.
Marco M.
ACEA has been an amazing training! It is what helps you to take the next step in your career, being a Strategic Business Partner for your Executives. Both Jeff and Richard are amazing trainers, they add their insights, experience and knowledge to each topic we discussed. It is also an opportunity to meet amazing EA/PA colleagues from many countr...
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Heather Buchan
I have been working from home since March of 2020 and have taken several virtual courses. This by far has been the best one yet. This course touches on so many different areas of the modern-day executive assistant field and as well as the uncomfortable area of public speaking. I enjoyed collaborating with an amazing group of EA's as well as o...
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Shirlee Davies
This course was really interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. Would highly recommend.
Jo Hughes
I very much enjoyed the variety of subjects covered in the ACEA course. It has encouraged me to look at the bigger picture within my organisation and the ways in which I can influence positive outcomes and become a strategic partner to my Executive.
What an excellent stock-take! Everything was either a refreshing reminder of important basics (and not so basics) or the sharing of practical, no-nonsense set of tools & practices to work, think more efficiently and in a modern way. It's also infused with a positive & agile outlook which gave me a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Thank you!