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Assertiveness courses in London

A growing number of training providers in London are arranging training programmes on assertiveness techniques. Professional assertiveness courses are becoming more and more sought-after as they serve a crucial role in building an individual’s future prospects for leadership and managerial positions. There are a number of options for candidates to choose from on the basis of how they are willing to acquire the relevant knowledge. Like many other soft skills courses, assertiveness courses can be delivered via traditional classroom training as well as distance learning. In addition, many London-based providers deliver in-house assertiveness training for groups of staff, and travel across the UK to meet the specific needs of companies operating in different industries.

Significance of assertiveness in a professional context

Professionals who are effective at being assertive are often the ones who move ahead in their careers to be appointed as leaders and managers. This is because employees who are perceived as listening to their fellow co-workers' concerns, while being firm in imparting their own opinions, often succeed in building strong interpersonal relationships with others, without necessarily making a conscious effort to do so. Qualities like these lead one to earn the respect and trust of their counterparts, which is crucial in moving forward in a professional arena.

Why take assertiveness courses in London?

As the capital of the UK and a major global hub for business, London boasts one of the most developed professional training markets in Europe. Individuals looking to enrol on one of the many assertiveness courses in London thus have a wide variety of top-class providers to choose from, ensuring that they receive the quality assertiveness training needed to succeed in their careers.

Contents of assertiveness courses

Though assertiveness courses deal with social interaction techniques, their content tends to be structured and to follow a progressive plan of study like any other. Often, they will begin with a theoretical overview of how certain behaviours and interactions affect others' perceptions, before moving on to exercises where the concepts are illustrated in a practical manner. Topics often covered include:

  • How to say 'no'
  • The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • Building self-confidence
  • Communication techniques

The practical exercises often include demonstrations on the part of the trainers, after which the participants are asked to replicate the relevant skills and behaviours in a role-play situation. Thereafter, the participants are assessed, given feedback and asked to demonstrate their skills again in order to gain a better understanding of the techniques.

Benefits of an assertiveness courses

Among the many qualities that a leader is required to possess, assertiveness is one of the most fundamental qualities to be able to take decisions and persuade fellow members in coming into terms with them

Any individual receiving assertiveness training will thus substantially enhance their career prospects, as well as their motivation and satisfaction levels in the workplace.

Assertiveness courses in London are available for all levels of training.

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