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Explore new opportunities within Business Development

Business Development is mainly a strategic function of organisations, big and small, to achieve set targets and goals for the organisation including the maintenance of successful customer relations. It identifies possibilities and opportunities for growth for the organisations while supporting and monitoring the mechanisms implemented. It gathers information and feedback from the various functional departments of the organisation including R&D, production, marketing, and sales in ensuring the profitability and growth of the company. It looks into the analytical and research possibilities for the organisation and addresses the same. Some of the important functions included in business development are:

  •         Finance
  •         Accounting
  •         Marketing
  •         Advertising
  •         Production
  •         Strategic planning and implementation
  •         General management
  •         Sales management

Their important functions at the organisational level include identifying reasons for failure and wins, opportunities for growth, managing sales and profits and identifying top ventures and successful campaigns implemented by the organisation.

Professional Development: Business Development Courses

Business Development courses and degrees are offered in various academic training institutes and universities with concentrations and general curricula.  Some of the important concepts covered in this course are:

  •         Analytical research
  •         Marketing research essentials
  •         Corporate finance and computation
  •         Sales and managing customers
  •         Advertising
  •         Information systems processing

The applied research component of these degrees allows delegates to gain analytical, statistical, research, management, planning and business conducting skills and implement them in their organisations.

Training course format

Business development courses and degree programmes are offered in universities and colleges including concentrations in various areas of business development. Owing to their increasing demand in the professional field, many of these business development courses are offered both in a traditional setting and in an online format, which gives professionals the ease to attend courses at their own pace and convenience to revisit materials. In-house training for companies allows professional teams to develop and demonstrate their organisation-specific business strategy skills.

Career benefits

Professionals completing business development certifications and courses find opportunities for employment across many business administration fields and services, in institutions like hospitals, market research firms, advertising agencies, corporations, firms and financial and non-banking institutions. Some of the common career choices for these professionals are business development managers, executives, research managers, analytical research managers, advisers and business consultants.

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