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CAD Courses and Apprenticeships

Also known as CADD or Computer-Aided Design and Drafting, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) refers to the creation of either 2D or 3D technical drawings in apposite computer software. It is commonly used across a range of professional spheres, including architecture, engineering and construction as well as other highly-specialised industries, such as prosthetics.

CAD courses are typically offered in software packages, such as Autodesk. These packages are applicable to a spectrum of tasks, ranging from 2D vector-based drafting and 3D surface to parametric solid modelling. Accordingly, CAD software is available in basic formats, such as AutoCAD 2D or 3D, as well software specific to industries or tasks, such as AutoCAD Electrical.

Compete in Today’s Markets with CAD Courses

Due to the great advancements in technical drawing brought on by the invention of CAD software, manual drawing techniques have now been reduced to a formality in the architectural and engineering learning processes. The heavy reliance on the software which characterises contemporary technical design is reflected in the significant presence of CAD software in engineering and architectural educational programmes.

Creative professions are also tapping into the benefits of CAD. CAD is used to create 3D animation, advertisements, and drawings in technical manuals and textbooks. CAD courses exist for all types of potential users.

CAD Courses and Apprenticeships to Suit All Users

CAD programs and apprenticeships are used extensively and in many industries. However, CAD is still a relatively new concept, and these programs can be challenging to use. Many engineers, architects, and designers learned their trade at a time when CAD was not in use. No matter how skilled these individuals might be, they must learn to use CAD programs in order to remain relevant and up to date with the latest developments in their field.

CAD courses and CAD apprenticeships also exist for those just getting started in their careers or even for those who just want to learn for fun. So many things can be done with CAD that learning to use one or two programs is a useful and enjoyable endeavor for anyone.

No matter the prior skill level or experience of the participant, in the vast array of CAD courses there is sure to be something for everyone. There are courses available in the classroom and online and the majority of them can be completed in just one day. Alternatively, CAD apprenticeships are available to those that would like to receive long-term training and benefit from an on the job CAD training experience.

CAD Apprenticeships

CAD apprenticeships are ideal for individuals who are looking to become proficient in CAD software and design, learning the ins-and-outs of their chosen industry on the job with a view to go on to build a career as a CAD technician or operator in the future. CAD apprenticeships are suitable to those with GCSE level qualifications and a basic knowledge of design. 

Depending on the specific industry your apprenticeship is provided in, during a CAD apprenticeship you will be working as part of an experienced team where you will be trained on using CAD to prepare designs for use in the construction or architectural process. To help your development you will also be put through formal training to get relevant construction qualifications, as well as work experience from other CAD technicians.

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