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What is effective communication?

Effective communication is one of the most important skills needed to create strong working relationships, influence others and capitalize on opportunities successfully.

Even so, the ability to communicate effectively involves many hidden facets that you may not even have considered. After all, communication isn’t just about talking or even writing proficiently. Good listening skills are just as important in order to establish trust and rapport. Being able to tune into others emotionally is a vital skill to cultivate in order to help mitigate conflict, and knowing how to affect others positively is central to good leadership, teamwork and client relationships.

Without effective communication, friction can often occur. Everyone has a different communication pattern and style, which means that without the tools needed to recognise these styles and empathise with others, the person you communicate with can feel misunderstood, disregarded or even worse, taken advantage of.

In essence, if you can foster excellent relationships with others, you’ll be in a strong position to improve many aspects of your personal and working life. Getting others on your side and bringing out the best in those around you can only help to create more a more positive environment, improve productivity and succeed.

Who should attend an Effective Communication course?

There are no prerequisites for studying on an Effective Communication course - anyone can benefit from attending. Whatever industry you are in, and whether you are a graduate or a senior manager, knowing more about the art of effective communication can only benefit you and your career. Successful interaction with others is the key to great networks and relationships in work and in life.

On a personal level, being an effective communicator will help you to understand others, minimise misunderstanding and connect more authentically with those around you.

In the workplace, effective communication will help you to establish stronger ties with your team and trust from your managers. If you are a manager yourself, effective communication will aid an understanding of how to bring out the best from your employees in a more innovative, fulfilling and productive work environment.

In business, being able to communicate effectively can help you to present new information to clients with more impact. It will help to create better client interactions and increased satisfaction, which will lead to increased returns and greater success!

What will you learn on an Effective Communication course?

After attending an Effective Communication course you will understand how to use different styles of communication to create the outcome you want. This will involve developing your confidence, improving your personal influencing style and reading people and situations effectively so that you can act with maximum impact.

Typical course content on an Effective Communication Course includes (but isn't limited to!):

  • Effective communication
  • Good questioning skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Making a strong first impression
  • The impact of poor questioning and listening
  • Successful and ethical influencing
  • Power and influence
  • Learning about others’ expectations and perceptions
  • Building rapport
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding people’s body language
  • Reducing conflict and reaching compromise
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