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What is the aim of employment law?

Employment laws, also known as Labour laws, exist in almost every country and its ground idea of labour law is to fulfill the rights and obligations of the employer through a contract of employment. Labour law ensures that employees are treated equally in the workplace, discrimination is prevented and safety within the firm is maintained.

Employment Law Courses

Courses in labour law are usually part of the standard legal training undergone by Human Resources managers. Employment law courses generally cover legal requirements enacted by governments to ensure that employees are protected against discrimination, compensated appropriately, and not subjected to unsafe working environments.

HR training courses aim to provide delegates with the skills in the management and recruitment of personnel, how staff is trained and retained, and dealing with employee interactions. Other aspects covered during the courses include dismissals, discipline and grievance hearings. Upon completing the training delegates are prepared to deal with these matters in a legally compliant and transparent manner.

Employment law courses – a requirement for new businesses

Training in legal matters is often required in companies that launch subsidiaries or new branches abroad. To avoid issues with international subsidiaries HR professionals who are responsible for managing personnel from abroad are required foundation knowledge in the employment law of the hosting country.

Alternately, smaller employers might use a business law consultancy to handle employment law alongside other business law needs.

Short and focused training courses are aimed to introduce the practical applications of these regulations to delegates. Participants will learn important guidelines and upon returning to their workplace ensure the organisation respects employment law and the principles of equality and diversity.

Who should attend employment law courses?

Employment law courses are designed to address areas of the law and are suitable for HR managers, HR representatives and specialists. Apart from individuals in managerial positions courses in employment law suit attorneys, union representatives, practitioners who deal with employment contracts and employees' rights.

Employment law courses are available for those starting out in the industry as well as for the professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Employment law within the hospitality industry

Employment law is especially important within the hospitality industry. Thus, many hospitality management courses offer special training within employment law to ensure that institutions within the industry follow all laws and best practices.

Therefore, you can boost your resume and impress employers at the same time by including an employment law specialisation to your hospitality management course. There are several options established to fit all schedules and budgets.

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