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More about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training Courses

The regulation of equality, diversity and inclusion in any professional setting is an important aspect of human rights protection. The British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) promotes healthy employee relations and respect of all human values.

While Britain has a strong legal framework to protect people from discrimination and violations of their basic rights and freedoms, the experiences of many people across England, Scotland and Wales do not always reflect what is set out in law. Taking part in equality and diversity courses helps make people aware of the equality and diversity directive and promotes a natural application of multiculturalism and tolerance that contributes to the overall improvement of social interaction in the workplace.

Equality, diversity and inclusion training course content

Equality and diversity courses cover a broad range of different topics, from specific situational training for HR professionals, to all-encompassing employee guidance. Whether you're looking to find training for your entire company, or to enhance your knowledge as an individual, equality and diversity training can help you kickstart your journey towards understanding the importance of tolerance and the benefits of an inclusive workplace culture.

Diversity training course content can include:

  • Equality, participation and inclusion
  • Managing diversity and inclusion
  • Closing the generation gap in the workplace
  • Teacher and instructor training courses - for those teaching children or teaching diversity
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Training courses and certifications for HR professionals

Equality and diversity courses for educators

Early education should build children’s essential ideas about equality and provide them with values that will lead them towards a positive and tolerant attitude throughout life. Because this generation will set the tone for diversity and equality in the future, it is up to teaching personnel in nurseries and beyond to adjust their training approach to promote the most up-to-date ideas about equality and diversity to new generations of learners. Equality and diversity courses for trainers and instructors will teach them to provide guidance in equality and diversity at different education levels.

Equality, diversity and inclusion courses for professionals

At the professional level, training in diversity and inclusion requires dedicated professionals and extensive practical output in promoting healthy employee relations. Expert trainers in equality and diversity at the workplace devote practical exercises and situational learning to explain the essential role of non-discrimination at the workplace.

Organisational development and training approaches to business and management in intercultural settings are connected to notions of equality and diversity. The cross-cultural awareness and the positive understanding of differences among employees and clients support a company's mission and vision in the long run.

Equality, diversity and inclusion courses for HR professionals

Because the management of employee relations generally falls under the responsibility of Human Resources departments, it is important that they have access to equality and diversity courses. HR professionals will thus learn how to explain and manage potential conflict triggered by discrimination in the workplace.

Training courses for HR professionals related to the promotion of equality and diversity usually conclude with an advanced certification, QFC credits or diploma attesting proficiency in promoting non-discrimination and diversity in professional settings.

Equality and diversity course format

The most common training method for equality and diversity courses tends to be company specific, in-house training. In-house training allows expert instructors to visit your workplace and train staff directly, resulting in maximized employee engagement and the ability to tailor training to suit your company's specific requirements.

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