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What are wedding planning courses?

Wedding planning courses found through our website encompass a wide range of areas in the field, from creating invitations to marketing and negotiating contracts, experts will guide you through plenty of options surrounding the profession, giving you the opportunity to choose the path which interests you the most! 

With that being said, each and every one of them includes numerous hands-on sessions, during which experienced event planners will teach key techniques and practices, making sure to provide you with all the knowledge needed to help you plan and take care of your own event. 

Why should you take up a wedding planning course? 

Whether you intend to run your own wedding planning business or want to plan your own wedding to perfection, then you should most definitely sign up for one of these courses. From controlling and planning according to your set budget, to choosing the right flowers and food for the ceremony, these courses may well and truly be the answer to your dream wedding, or even spark your interest in the field and be the starting point to a whole new and exciting career!

With great emphasis being put on practical work, these courses are packed full of fun and hands-on tasks, preparing you with all there is to know when it comes to taking up the responsibility of planning a wedding. 

What will you learn throughout these wedding planning courses?

Wedding planning courses are generally comprised of several key areas, packed with vital information and advice, which collectively will get you all geared up and ready for any future projects. The core modules which will be referred to throughout include:


  1. The Role of the Wedding Planner
    • Communication
    • Organisation skills
    • People management

  2. The Wedding Planning Process
    • Venues
    • The wedding process from start to finish
    • Evening reception

  3. Budgeting
    • Drawing up a wedding budget with clients
    • Altering plans
    • Communication between you and your client

  4. Overseas Weddings
    • The process for organising a wedding overseas
    • Invitations and Accommodation
    • Legal requirements for an overseas wedding

  5. Different Types of Weddings
    • Themed  weddings
    • The Catholic Church
    • Wedding etiquette

  6. Starting A Wedding Planning Business
    • Documentation
    • Marketing your business
    • Website

By the end, you will therefore be able to:

  • Know what tasks you will be responsible for as a wedding planner
  • Be able to handle your clients' wishes
  • Know how to plan weddings surrounding different cultures and customs
  • Get an understanding of the overall process in planning a wedding 
  • Be aware of different ceremonies and legalities
  • Know different themes and how to execute them
  • Know which food is most appropriate for certain ceremonies
  • Understand the different forms of wedding entertainment
  • Be knowledgable about wedding flowers and where to place them
  • Learn about the various transport options 

Following the completion of the curriculum, you will be assessed through two specific ways, primarily an online multiple-choice exam as well as a practical assignment  (which can be taken a time and location of your choosing). All corresponding results and feedback will be provided on the same day, allowing you to instantly know whether you have passed the course.

Where are courses offered and how much do they cost? 

From institutions and universities to learning centres and mobile classrooms, numerous wedding planning courses are offered in various ways and locations, giving you the option to choose the one that best suits you.

Fees for these courses differ greatly too, so you shouldn't think twice about signing up, even if you are on a limited budget − we have a course at any price point! 

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