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More about becoming an executive coach

Courses for coaching come in many shapes and sizes. There are a number of different and well known coaching styles and it is important to find one that fits both the individual and the organisation where relevant. Some courses offer an option to aid the candidate to discover the right style for them, whereas others hone in on specific branches of coaching, such as leadership coaching

Study modes available

Executive coaching courses vary in length from one or two day tasters to full 30 month MSc degrees with many options in between. Participants can work towards qualifications including diplomas and professional certificates, and can gain practical experience while training. There are executive coaching courses throughout the UK with options to complete training in residence, through distance learning or in house.

The benefits of becoming an Executive Coach

There is a dual advantage involved with training senior employees and directors to coach executives and leaders within an organisation. In completing a course in how to become a coach, the delegate will have experienced coaching themselves, leading to increased mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

This is an advantageous string to their bow and potentially opens up new career opportunities. Individuals undertaking an executive coaching course outside of a company or institution can discover how to target the type of business most suited to their style of coaching. Executive coaching courses also increase participants' confidence and can unlock skills outside of their professional realm.

The benefits to the candidate's organisation are numerous. Executives and leaders who experience coaching at work typically demonstrate improved performance, renewed motivation and better connectivity and communication with their teams. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity, better results and a stronger competitive advantage in the marketplace. Participants on executive coaching courses can go on to introduce a culture of coaching and even implement wider organisational change.

Why choose an executive coaching course

With coaching becoming a more intrinsic part of life for many, there are clear advantages for everyone involved in a professional situation: executive coaches can feel empowered to help develop the skills and bring the best out of their direct reports, employees can reap the benefits of coaching at work, and results can be boosted for the organisation overall. A win-win-win situation.

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