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Deliver top facilitation and training to businesses and individuals worldwide!

Become an accredited facilitator and attend the training course that best suits your area of expertise. Our list of courses will help you organise your priorities and decide on the training method when looking for a specific facilitation course. Titles are organised by industry and target audience.

The training approaches follow the most innovative and effective methods proven successful for in-company facilitation and virtual learning environments. Expert practitioners will share with you the learning tactics most appreciated by trainees and help you develop your own style of presentation and course delivery.

Facilitation becomes a lifestyle with professional training tailored to your profile. Explore the opportunities and find out more by contacting the course organisers. Send an Information Request on the course page that interests you and get direct assistance from the providers.

Frequently asked questions

  • A training facilitator designs and delivers training programs to help individuals or groups acquire new skills or knowledge, and provides support to ensure their success in applying what they have learned. They may also assess the effectiveness of the training and make recommendations for improvement.

  • A training facilitator's course covers the skills needed to design, deliver and evaluate training sessions, as well as techniques for engaging learners and managing group dynamics.

  • A trainer typically takes a more directive approach in teaching specific skills or knowledge to learners, while a facilitator focuses on creating an environment that encourages participants to discover their own solutions and insights through group discussions and activities. Facilitators often provide guidance and support to help participants apply what they have learned to their own situations.

  • The salary of a training facilitator varies depending on experience and location, but on average training facilitators can expect to earn between £20,000 and £40,000 per year.

  • To become a training facilitator, you typically need a combination of education and experience in the subject matter you wish to teach, as well as in facilitation and adult learning principles. You can gain these skills through formal education, such as a degree in education or a related field, or through professional development programs and on-the-job experience.

  • A training facilitator needs strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to engage learners, manage group dynamics, and provide constructive feedback. They should also have knowledge and experience in the subject matter they are teaching.

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Case Study
Best Foot Forward Training: Comm...
Open and In-house Courses

Best Foot Forward Training guarantees that you get a threefold return on investment. How? Top end performers in your team will continue to be committed, staff stay motivated and productive, increasing your bottom line.

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BFFT Bespoke Training
Best Foot Forward Training

Best Foot Forward provides bespoke learning solutions to suit your staff and realise your objectives.

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Leadership Pathway Programme & M...

In collaboration with MPW Learning, a programme called ‘Leadership Pathway Programme’ was designed to bring all of the skills of a large high street charity organisation management team up to date. After introduction of the programme, common working practices were restructured, productivity increased and management satisfaction improved.

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