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IPAF Courses

​IPAF training courses are highly technical, offering professional essentials in computer programming, systems information management and strategic planning for serving the technological needs of the organisation or business. Many of the professional training courses in IPAF offer licenses to professionals upon completion of the courses and assessments. The licenses are offered in different levels of operator training proficiency such as 1a, 1b, 3a and 3b. Many of these licenses have different durations; some take a period of 3-5 years.

Training in IPAF

​Established training bodies offer certifications and licenses upon completion of these courses. The courses include Operator Training, MEWP Harness Training, MEWPs for Managers Training, Push Around Vertical (PAV) Training and PAL Plus.

​Some important concepts and essentials covered in these courses include a mix of technical as well as managerial training approaches. Most of these courses work on enabling operators to manoeuvre, drive and position the machine safely and proficiently. Many of these are undertaken as scissor lifts, booms or trailer mounted platforms.

IIPAF training focuses on building techniques for proper identification and usage of protection equipments, correct conditioning of harnesses and examining ranges of MEWPs. Some of these IPAF training courses are also aimed at managers and supervisors which include concepts and tools for safely co-coordinating various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) within their control.

​A lot of the concepts and classes covered in these courses include enabling professionals and operators to  manoeuvre and position the machine safely and proficiently. It can be undertaken under the Push Around Verticals training.

​Many of the IPAF qualified professionals work in hostile and challenging environments. For such professionals, advanced degrees and qualifications are available for training them.

IPAF Course Formats

​Professional training courses in IPAF are offered in the form of online courses as well as traditional classroom and taught courses. Many online courses are offered by established training bodies as well as academic institutions. Some corporations also employ training bodies for IPAF training that is focussed on organisation specific skills and abilities in the employees. Online IPAF courses are also train professionals through webinars, video tutorials, and online assessments. Online IPAF courses are beneficial for working professionals, as it gives them the flexibility to attend classes and exams at any time including the ability to revisit the course materials.

Career Prospects for Professionals

​Professionals trained in IPAF essentials find jobs in many economic sectors including manufacturing, tech-based firms, pharmaceuticals, innovation firms and corporations. There are many benefits of doing these courses since the knowledge gained can be used for operating work as well as technical requirements of many sectors.

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