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Why start a career in the petroleum sector

Choosing to participate in one of the many courses that are on offer for candidates wishing to pursue an interest in either the oil or gas industries can be the precursor to a long and varied career that can result in travelling all over the globe or the next step for those already working in the industry.  Studying in Dubai which is fast becoming one of the educational centres of the world and where the economy and culture are founded on oil & gas will add an extra element to the course.

Training courses in Dubai

There are many establishments in Dubai offering a plethora of courses concerning the oil & gas industries, from project management skills to accounting and finance.  Exploration and extraction are now multi million pound industries where profit is to be maximised therefore management skills are considered to be equally as valuable as the practical skills to extract the oil or gas.  

 Candidates are able to receive training in their chosen subject from experts in the field with many years of experience in the oil & gas industries and many of these are based in Dubai.  These experts are not only able to teach their subjects, but to give practical advice on the best way to succeed in this area. Methods of study can vary from online seminars to classroom based or practical sessions according to the course chosen and courses can last from as little as five days per module for basic courses, to degree level courses lasting years.

Learning methods and study modes

The varied methods of training available allow candidates to study whatever their schedule and learning strengths.  More motivated and self disciplined students may prefer to study online, or via distance learning, but other students prefer the classroom based approach, and find that they learn better in that scenario.  Training providers work with the students to select the most suitable course based on preferred method of study and time available.

The oil & gas industries are both renowned for fast career progression and an excellent pay structure, so studying in these areas can have enormous benefits for participants.  Entry level positions can lead very quickly to managerial and higher positions with the correct training, and with many oil and gas companies having offices world wide, global travel can be an attractive bonus with many postings to cities such as Dubai.

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