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About Technical Writing

Technical writing is the method of transforming a complex sample of information into a simple and straightforward piece in a professional context where the information is required to be conveyed to another individual or team. The language of a technical writing document needs to be understandable and efficient at communicating the objective of the information shared. A good technical writer needs to be fairly competent at writing and communication skills, and must have a thorough knowledge of writing reports on paper as well as by the means of software programmes.

A standard technical writing format is made use in any basic element that involves delivering instructions which may be the method of handling a software programme, carrying out safety medical procedures, operating a mechanical appliance, and a number of other tasks that require specific instructions. Some examples of technical writing documents are user manuals, instruction manuals, reference books, or any article giving directions on a particular subject.

Technical Writing Courses

By participating in a technical writing course an individual will learn the basics of the format of writing a technical specification document which is used to direct instructions of operating a software application and various other documents which require a technical writing design such as manuals, reports and affidavits. The participants are also introduced to a variety of approaches of organising data and presenting it in an unambiguous tone for it to be understandable to the corresponding parties.

There are certain prerequisites that are expected of a participant interested in taking a technical writing course which are prior knowledge on using writing software programmes on the computer and a good hold on the English language.

Technical Writing Course Contents

The contents of a technical writing course includes the basic components of a technical specification document, demonstrations of images to be used in a technical writing format, methods on writing user manuals and guidebooks, writing online documentations and a number of technical writing credentials.

These technical writing courses are comprised of a series of lectures that a participant is required to attend and at the completion of each session, the participants will be provided assignments to be completed which will be used for evaluating their understanding of the concept. With the progression of each session the participants will be introduced to higher levels of proficiency on technical specification writing and more sophisticated tasks are assigned for further evaluation.

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