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More about Trade Law Training & Courses

Begin or Advance Your Understanding of International Trade Law

Although trade has existed since the beginning of civilization, since the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995, global trade law has become formally regulated and subject to continuous development and revision. Trade law is a vast subject area and can encompass insurance, financial, employment, and contract laws. Our training providers offer broad introductory courses to advanced training in specific areas such as export finance.

Trade Law: A Constantly Evolving Field

 Due to the nature of this field, it is vitally important to stay up-to-date with new regulations and governing rules. The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law's annual sessions introduce changes that may affect your organization's operations and reporting. Regulations pertaining to use of e-signatures, electronic commerce, and privately financed infrastructure projects are written and passed and you will want to be well-equipped to meet the standards.

The Intersecting Nature of Trade Law

An understanding of trade law is indispensable for organizations involved in international and domestic trade. Laws abound for every element of an organization's trade of goods and intellectual property across borders. All interactions must conform to global standards and fit the requirements of both parties' cross-border laws. 

Broad and Specific Courses Offered

Our training providers offer courses from beginning overviews to highly specialised areas. Providers often offer in-house training tailored for the needs of your company, e-learning courses to work around your busy schedule, and hands-on training seminars and open-courses to team members back to their organization fully equipped for their trade law requirements.

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