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More about Professional Training Courses in France

France is also the forefront of nuclear energy, with 78% of their electricity coming from nuclear power plants around the country. There are over 20 main regions in France, all with their own capitals, subdivisions and industries. Northern France is most well-known for wheat farming and other agricultural activity, whereas the South of France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the World. With such a diverse range of industries spread across the country it is no wonder why there are so many professional development and training opportunities here.

Top Locations for Professional Development in France

Île-de-France is the most important economical region in the country, being the World's fourth wealthiest region. Paris, the capital city of the region, is home to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and this makes it the second 'most important' place in the World, economically. There are a wide range of industries here, including fashion, automobile production, oil, telecommunications and finance.

Professional Development Specialisms

Due to the plethora of business industries in this European country, there are a vast array of training courses available for professionals. Oil and gas, engineering and energy make up a big portion of the professional development courses offered; due to the popularity of this industry in France. With so many Fortune 500 headquarters in the area there are also plenty of business, management and leadership courses available.

Other important economical regions in the country include Rhône-Alpes, which is known for it's chemical industries and bustling tourism, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, which is renowned for wine and services, and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, which is a European transport hub. This mixture of industries ensures a fantastic selection of professional development opportunities across the whole country.

Who Should Attend Professional Development Courses in France

Those interested in furthering their career in project management will find plenty of training courses to suit their needs and targets in France. With many of the training providers operating from Paris, this also provides the perfect opportunity to find work within some of the largest corporations in the world. Participants of the professional development courses can spend several days training, whilst spending the remaining time researching business prospects in this economically impressive area.

Career opportunities have risen exponentially in France over the last decade, which has made way for many professionals to relocate and work in this country. The professional development courses available in this area have opened up several doors for those who would prefer to work and study outside of the United Kingdom. The wide range of subjects and tutors has placed France on the map for all professionals interested in progressing.

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