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Last updated: 17/11/2021

7 Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Have you noticed a decline in staff motivation? Unsure of what to do? Then read our 7 pointers giving you all the information you need to reintroduce the spark back into your team and get them back on top form. As always, our tips are backed up by trusted sources and industry experts to bring you the best advice possible. Read on and take the first steps towards motivating your team and getting them back on track!


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Last updated: 15/10/2021

Top 3 Tips on how to Support Your Retiring Workforce

In this guest post, Rhiannon Rowley from Connor shares why supporting your retiring workforce is the right thing to do, the benefits to your business, and how to implement it.

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Last updated: 29/04/2022

Top 10 Online Business Administration Courses

Want to get a head start in your business administration career? Browse's top 10 online business administration courses today!

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Last updated: 05/07/2021

Unconscious Bias Training– The Other Half of EDI Initiatives

You’ve done your part. You've conscientiously hired a diverse team because you know they are more high performing. However, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is just one piece of the EDI puzzle. Read on to learn how certain leadership skills can amplify your diverse team’s power.

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Last updated: 05/07/2021

A Guide to Understanding: Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in the Workplace

Equality and diversity efforts within organisations are up. But simply adding diversity and inclusion training in the workplace is not enough. Our EDI primer for hiring managers is an essential read for understanding the link between their role and organisational performance.

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Last updated: 11/05/2021

4 Great Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

HR leaders and business managers disclose their recommendations on the things that any organisation can do to keep their employees happy and motivated.

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Last updated: 26/04/2022

Top 6 Skills for New Managers

Whether you’re an aspiring manager or settling into your first management position, this article covers the top 6 skills that you’ll need to succeed. We asked managers and leaders from across a range of industries which top skills they believed to be the most important for a new manager to learn. Read on to discover what you should focus on as a new manager and why. 

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Last updated: 03/09/2020

Is Working From Home Increasing Your Employees’ Burnout Risk?

There's a good chance that many of your employees are at risk of burning out, and have been for some time. Here are 3 things you can do now to combat it - whether they're working at home or the office

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Last updated: 21/04/2020


At LSPR we have formulated a Management thinking approach, which we believe delivers positive results in the workplace. We bring this positive management approach into our teams and integrate it within the leadership related training we deliver to our clients. Encouraging managers, leaders and teams to identify and harness individual beliefs, meanings and values that we attribute to our everyday l ...
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Last updated: 21/04/2020


A crisis can occur without notice. Thus, it becomes crucial for business owners to have a Crisis Management Plan in place to reverse the effects within a short time-span. Having a plan instills a sense of trust amongst stakeholders and can help tackle negative press. It can help to increase productivity of employees during and after crisis, as everyone will know their roles and responsibilities we ...
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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

Find out what they're up to in's second annual U.K. L&D Report!


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